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Blair Monk

Blair Monk

Aurecon's Blair Monk is a specialist traffic, transport and ITS engineer with over 23 years’ experience in the road transport and traffic operations fields.

Blair has the distinction of holding the 3M Traffic Engineer of the year award in 2004 for work on web based information of Congestion and Incidents.

He has previously held the role of Operations Manager for the Auckland and Northland state highway network for the NZ Transport Agency. He continues to be a trusted advisor in this field, both in New Zealand and Australia. Blair also sits on the Board of Directors for ITS New Zealand.

Blair’s field of specialisation is in optimising transport flows using as much of the existing infrastructure as possible whilst dealing with reoccurring congestion and incidents. His knowledge of transport operations combined with team leadership skills means that he can focus on using technology and transport planning to ensure user experience is a top priority.

Blair also is a leader in the emerging fields of connected vehicles, including vehicle to vehicle, infrastructure to vehicle, autonomous vehicles and electric vehicle technologies.

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