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Ben Coxon

Ben Coxon, Aurecon

Ben Coxon is Aurecon’s Client Director - Health, ANZ.

He has over 22 years’ experience in structural and façade engineering including high-rise construction, sport facilities, hotels, residential, commercial and health and education developments. In his current role, Ben actively supports and encourages innovation and skill development in the Building Structures team.

The most important lesson you learnt early in your career?

I learnt that ultimately it’s not design for design’s sake - you need to meet all stakeholder needs. Never take the high moral ground. Make sure you spend plenty of time standing in clients’ shoes to understand their needs.

What is an essential key to innovation?

Understanding the client’s needs. Discover what is unique about the client’s environment and what is keeping them up at night. It provides plenty of fuel to the innovation piece.

Keys to a successful project delivery?

Discipline. Leadership. Ownership. Communication. Ensuring the right people are tasked to the project, irrespective of where they reside. Get to know the client and have fun on the journey!

Where do you see building structures over the next five years?

An ever increasing need to get quality people to where the projects are happening. A new drive for alternative materials to meet ongoing needs for increasingly sustainable outcomes.

Enjoyment is...

Achieving what you set out to do.

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