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Antony Johnstone

Anthony Johnstone

Antony Johnstone is a chartered senior Transport Engineer, leading Aurecon’s Traffic and Transport Planning team in Western Australia

Antony has worked on and managed a wide range of projects in Australia and New Zealand across both the private and public sector.

Further to this he specialises in transport and pedestrian modelling projects covering multiple infrastructure categories. Antony’s traffic engineering and transport planning skills have been applied to a variety of tasks such as feasibility studies, infrastructure planning, network performance evaluation and optimisation, public transport design, pedestrian movement assessments within buildings, and traffic impact assessments.

He has built, calibrated, and completed option testing on intersection models, corridor models, and large network models. He has expertise in a range of software including S-Paramics, Q-Paramics, Aimsun, and SIDRA intersection with significant experience in leading modelling projects and running modelling training modules and presentations. All of his projects have also involved transport planning and traffic engineering activities.

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