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Andrew Keith

Andrew-Keith, Aurecon

Andrew Keith is Aurecon’s Advisory Leader - Resources, ANZ & Asia.

He has an extensive track record in the management of multi-disciplinary teams as a study manager and project manager on large, complex projects and was Aurecon’s Indonesian operations manager for twelve years. 

He is a civil engineer, with expertise in bulk material handling and other major multi-disciplinary studies and projects. Andrew has particular technical skills in water engineering.

What drives you?

Positive collaborative outcomes - there is no better feeling than the collegiate espirit de corps resulting from a hard won result whether it is a successful bid outcome or a well delivered project. When you can look back and say "all that hard yakka was worthwhile", that is a big part of your reward right there.

An essential key to innovative thinking? And why?

Coffee shops! They get you out of the office and allow your mind to consider things from a different angle. I find some of my best responses to challenges come after a brief break out of the office for a coffee or a walk.

Keys to a successful project delivery?

Three things - planning, planning and planning. Taking time to plan a project at the beginning, and review and replan on the way through is never time wasted or a "cost" and it takes discipline to make sure this is done thoroughly when there are activities, solutions and deliverables crying out for attention.

The fourth thing is communication - communicating the plan, progress, information etc. to the client, the team and the business so that there are no unexpected surprises.

The most important lesson you learnt early in your career?

Be prepared to take responsibility for everything you are involved in whether the outcome is good or not so good. If you look to others to lead and take the fall for anything that goes wrong, they will also get the kudos for what goes right. And, in a successful business, more goes right than wrong, by definition.

Where do you see mining infrastructure over the next five years?

Mining infrastructure is an integral part of the rapidly expanding resource industry globally. With access to resources leading to more remote locations, the transport infrastructure and logistics, not to mention service infrastructure, to service these remote places is critical. Aurecon has the range and depth of expertise and resources to deliver project solutions that add business advantage in this industry.

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