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André Görgens

Andrë Görgens, Aurecon

André is Aurecon’s has been a specialist in the water resources team in Cape Town since 1984.

His focus is strategic planning and policy implementation support to institutions dealing with water resource management, including the application of a range of water resource-related decision support systems and simulation models.

He is a past Professor in hydrology and water resources in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch, and has worked on water resources-related projects in every significant river basin of the Southern African subcontinent.

What gets you out of bed? 

The quest to understand and improve the fate of rain-drops.

The most important lesson you learnt early in your career?

Sound planning and management of water resources starts with credible hydrometeorological monitoring and thrives with interpreting the “bigger water picture”.

Your most challenging project? And why?

The configuring of a successful water resources system model of the vast Limpopo River one year after the ending of Apartheid as South Africa still faced considerable residual suspicion among water officials of the other three co-basin states.

Keys to successful project delivery?

Assembling and empowering an engaged technical team whose members understand what the client needs and expects, and who enjoy meeting exactly that need and expectation.

One of the great challenges facing water resource management is...

The relative paucity of technical depth and planning skills available to water resource management institutions in South Africa, as well as most countries in emerging regions.


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