Asset management

Across the board, and across the globe, asset owners are facing the ever-increasing challenge of balancing existing service levels, asset performance, risk and expenditure over their asset lifecycles. 

Critical infrastructure is under pressure to support the needs of a rapidly changing society. In turn, public authorities are faced with the challenge of managing assets efficiently and cost effectively. 

Safeguarding asset utilisation is becoming more relevant in customer facing organisations in sectors such as transport, education, utilities and health where disruptions can impact service availability, safety and reputation. An effective asset management program is also fundamental in sectors like mining, manufacturing and building where lost production capability has an immediate impact on the financial bottom line.

Our difference

We combine deep technical expertise with digital tools to assess the health, operational and functional integrities of your asset base, establishing an integrated lifecycle management program to optimise your sustaining capital program and to inform investment decisions.

Transition risks

Transition risks are those risks linked to the transformation towards a low-carbon economy.

Changes in social values and stakeholder expectations are the key drivers of transition risk. Followed by regulatory changes, reflecting both the social and political shifts and technological changes required to achieve decarbonisation.

Transition risks strand assets and operations and can result in business models becoming obsolete. Careful navigation of transition risks will enable the harnessing of opportunities provided by a low-carbon economy when developing strategies, policies and projects.

Physical risks

Physical risks come from the direct effects of climate change. This risk category includes more frequent and extreme weather events, and changes to baseline conditions, such as sea level and air temperature.

Physical risks cause damage to property, can affect the performance of assets and impact the valuations of financial assets.

Careful management of these risks can mitigate increased recovery costs, disrupted supply chains, and product redundancy. While adaptation strategies help to increase society's resilience to climate change.

How we deliver

With significant industry experience in all lifecycle phases, Aurecon’s asset management specialists understand the challenges faced by asset owners.

This enables our specialists to provide rapid, innovative solutions in the planning, construction, preservation and use of assets to extract value and manage cost, through offerings including:

  • Strategic asset management planning to establish a baseline assessment of your asset
  • Data analysis and systems set up to create a foundation for your asset management structure
  • Portfolio optimisation to maximise return on investment and minimise risk
  • Operational readiness to get assets up and running, including aligning people and processes
  • Integrated operations to manage day to day performance and maintenance
  • Operational excellence through historical analysis to enhance future performance
  • Asset integrity to ensure regulatory compliance and deliver peace of mind
Aurecon Advisory engineering services

Imagining what is possible, we turn problems into solutions.

Partnering with clients across a range of markets, in locations worldwide, our six global integrated advisory offerings help shape your assets for competitive advantage, delivering value across all project stages and unlocking the potential a future-ready asset base provides.

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