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The Power of Digital

Our Digitally Connected Future is here

Welcome to the Power of Digital Mackay, an experiential hands-on session showcasing where our digital visionaries will bring to life the latest in digital technologies and engineering.

Our interactive and immersive exhibition spaces showcase how Aurecon has been exploring the use of visualisation technologies to engage, share stories, and co-create.

Below are some of our key exhibitions for the morning – simply scroll through the images and click the arrows for more information.

The future is here, come in and touch it.

3D survey

How can you cost-effectively create a digital twin of a real-world asset?

There are emerging digital tools and techniques that quickly capture as-built data and dimensions from site, equipment and processes. However, it is the digital workflow of what to do with that data that really matters.

Engineering projects are increasingly complex, distributed and collaborative, requiring a complimentary digital platform that supports both rigorous delivery and iterative design.

Aurecon works with a range of digital collaboration platforms that drive transparency, automate key processes and digitise all aspects of project delivery, while facilitating the ongoing injection of emerging technologies and innovation through human-centred design.

In an ideal digital design workflow, the project team captures reality and informs the 3D model with highly accurate discrete measurement points and as-built point clouds. New design models are created, and construction layout points are added to the model. These points are then replicated on the jobsite using tools such as total stations.

Experience how Aurecon is using these tools to bring digital design to reality.

Data capture using drones

Survey as we know it continues to change fundamentally due to rapid advancements in technology. The use of photogrametry models, digital high-resolution images, videos and point cloud data capture is possible from current technologies.

Aurecon is leading the way when it comes to the rapid capture of data and processing, helping to ensure the data is not only accurate but in a fully functional model available for design.

Drones and UAV’s are being used in innovative ways for site data capture and digital as-building, to get sight of assets in locations that would have been almost impossible to access.

Experience how Aurecon is utilising these tools, including some of the easy to implement asset digitisation data capture work flows, sufficient for preparation of base models using scanning, photogrammetry and parametric models.

Aurecon Geospatial services

Just like you, we need access to technology to enable our teams to work smarter. We also need to be able to visualise, collaborate and dynamically update our designs to engage with our clients. If we can’t always find the digital tools we want, we build our own.

How do you find the treasure in an ever-changing world? What if you had a framework that analysed your environment to reveal those opportunities for solving the complex problems?

At Aurecon we have implemented industry proven Geographic Information System (GIS) tools. These emerging technologies in data analytics and machine learning are utilised to develop powerful methods to analyse our client’s spatial data. These tools can be used to estimate, predict and understand the complex spatial world in ways humans cannot. Deeper insights are organised into map visualisations and 3D scenes, helping the users make smarter decisions.

Digitising the estate

How well do you know your assets? How can we improve our reality if we can’t capture it accurately? Our constantly changing world is complex, and to model it, we need to create precise digital worlds – but this isn’t easy.

Digitising the Estate is Aurecon’s framework for propelling an asset (hospital campus, mining process area etc) by providing a digital profile of existing and real-time asset behaviour that can be used to optimise business performance. By creating and implementing a complete digital estate, companies can detect physical issues sooner, predict outcomes more accurately, and drive greater value through assets now and in the future.

Imagine with a digitised estate:

  • Visualise, touch and move high-fidelity 3D models
  • Use augmented reality to look behind office panels and under floors to visualise services such as air conditioning
  • Utilise machine learning to substantially reduce your energy consumption
  • Deploy IoT sensors to optimise building design and trafficability
  • Improve emergency management through asset optimisation
  • Extend the life of your asset base by understanding and predicting when failures will occur

What if you could:

  • Get a machine to learn how to halve your energy consumption?
  • Improve emergency management through asset optimisation?
  • Reduce your portfolio expenditure through using real-time data?
  • Extend the life of your asset base by understanding and predicting when failures will occur?
  • Prioritise capital investment using predictive analytics?

Digitising your estate provides a digital profile of existing and real-time asset behaviours that can be used to optimise business performance. This digital twin can provide opportunities to detect physical issues sooner, predict outcomes more accurately, and drive greater value through assets now and into the future.

virtual engagement

Ideas are much more powerful when shared. Engineers are at the forefront of the innovations that help solve the most complex challenges facing humanity. Our work matters because it has exponential impact on society. But the real value lies not only in the technical mastery, but in the knowledge and emotion we can unlock in others.

Our human understanding is shaped by what we can see.

We can only collaborate when we understand. Visual mediums create a sense of place that provides a common basis for engagement and conversation. We use technology to augment our technical expertise, and to help our engineers share their stories.

siteLab is Aurecon’s own real-time visualisation platform that aids in collaboration, communication and the decision-making process. It combines the flexibility of a real-time environment with the benefits of tailored client solutions to bring about an entirely different way of looking at projects.

By attending the Power of Digital, you will experience siteLab through:

  • Viewing and navigating 3D engineering models in real-time
  • Experiencing the power of siteLab on both PC and mobile devices
  • Gaining an understanding of complex engineering projects, broken down into simple visual elements
  • Learning how siteLab enables completely new ways of working
More is different

As designers of the built environment, we are just beginning to use computational tools to generate and analyse information.

Rather than replicate and automate old techniques like drafting, computation allows us to explore the complex relationships between design drivers. Through this exploration we can understand design problems and iteratively test the forms we design, the materials we build with and the performance we demand from our infrastructure.

Our Computational Design Network spans our markets at Aurecon and is helping change how we deliver projects such as the West Gate Tunnel in Melbourne. Our experts will demonstrate and discuss models and methods being used to deliver across disciplines.

Once upon a time said the engineer

Collaborative decision-making is at the heart of every successful project.

From government agency alignment, through to establishing successful partnerships, transparent reporting and community consultation; effective communication and engagement is crucial in the successful design, development and delivery of infrastructure.

With an unprecedented demand for investment to support economic and social infrastructure that will keep pace with a rapidly changing world, communication and consultation is critical to maintaining momentum.

An effective engagement strategy can influence go/no-go decisions on investment, enable social licence to operate, de-risk complex negotiations, and deliver infrastructure that is welcomed by the communities we serve.

At the Power of Digital, you will experience some of the digital engagement tools that facilitate collaboration and effective engagement through digital solutions. These include:

  • NovoView which uses augmented reality to bring to life a station upgrade to support communication objectives prior to commencement of works and reduce impact on commuters during construction
  • SwipeEngage which uses simple physical swiping gestures to navigate through a complex environment and enables us to create very simple, engaging and fun ways of working with stakeholders
Aurecon VR bike simulation

For years, we have designed all manner of things but delivered these designs through just a few means. We can now share our designs through immersive experiences in virtual, augmented and mixed reality tools.

At the Power of Digital, you will Immerse yourself in Virtual Reality (VR) experiences by:

  • Cycling a proposed bicycle route with our world champion track cyclist as your coach
  • Exploring Brisbane Domestic Airport and adjust wayfinding signage to find the optimal design layout
Aurecon VR Bike Simulation

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that is changing the face of our industry.

VR has become essential to our storytelling experience. It has changed the way we communicate design implications to community stakeholders; allows us to immerse the client’s operators in a design review to garner practical feedback and safely teleported a geotechnical expert to dizzying heights of a cliff face where only drones can go. Real. Immersive. Experiential.

At the Power of Digital, immerse yourself in VR experiences by paddling through a proposed wetland revitalisation with our Olympic rower.

Aurecon Sandbox Exhibition

We are playful with serious intent. There is often a thin line between fantasy and science.

Augmented reality blurs the line between what is real and what isn’t by enabling us to see what is possible in the context of what is current. Whether “possible” is the design you are working to, a model of the original asset or of a future desired state, you can see both incarnations within the same field of view and inspect them from every angle.

When we collaborate through play, quite often we achieve unexpected outcomes. Our sandbox might just look like fun, but not only does it facilitate greater engagement and garner new ideas, but it also presents a complex set of technological connections in a very compelling and simple way.

In this demonstration you can sculpt physical sand and see the topography reflected virtually in real time. Then, the surface model is sent to the cloud, and pulled down into two separate visualisation applications: A custom ESRI 3D scene displays the model in the context of the real world, and an Unreal application uses the model to dynamically update the landscape.

It's playful, it’s fun, it’s even surprisingly relaxing – but it is also serious in communicating new ideas and generating engagement. Come and play!

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