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Future State

Our digitally connected future is here

The digital world is evolving at an exponential rate. Aurecon is a future shaper; evolving our design thinking by capturing technologies that allow us to gather rich reality data, generate multiple scenarios, analyse to extract detailed insights and communicate the story behind our engineering and design through diverse forms of media.


Please join us for an interactive, hands-on experience showcasing the digital tools and methodologies that Aurecon embrace and deliver, integrated with our design and engineering capability.


We invite you to an immersive experience where we will be showcasing our most recent work in creating digital experiences and virtual reality environments as we create our future state.


 The future is here, come in and touch it.


Digitising the estate
How well do you know your assets? How can we improve our reality if we can’t capture it accurately? Our constantly changing world is complex, and to model it, we need to create precise digital worlds– but this isn’t easy.

Digitising your estate is Aurecon’s framework for propelling an asset (hospital campus, mining process area etc) by providing a digital profile of existing and real-time asset behaviour that can be used to optimise business performance. By creating and implementing a complete digital estate, companies can detect physical issues sooner, predict outcomes more accurately, and drive greater value through assets now and in the future.

Imagine with a digitised estate:
  • Visualise, touch and move high-fidelity, reality 3D models
  • Use augmented reality to look behind office panels and under floors to visualise services such as air conditioning
  • Utilise machine learning to substantially reduce your energy consumption
  • Deploy IoT sensors to optimise building design and trafficability
  • Improve emergency management through asset optimisation
  • Extend the life of your asset base by understanding and predicting when failures will occur
Pedalling Immersion
Virtual reality is essential to our storytelling experience: messaging design implications to community stakeholders; immersing the client’s operators in a design review to garner practical feedback; safely teleporting a geotechnical expert to dizzying heights of a cliff-face where only drones can go. Real. Immersive.

Your fun immersive experiences at our Digital Event are world class:
  • Cycle a proposed bicycle route with our world champion track cyclist as your coach
  • Paddle through a proposed wetland revitalisation with our Olympic rower
And real-world examples, equally world-class, include: walk through a new airport design, fly along a rockface for geology mapping, orbit around a jetty for engineering and drive a bus through a transport hub design.
It's all in the data
Data is the new oil, or so they say. Making sense from data and gaining real insights through it are essential to continuously improving and understanding business needs into the future.

Our Digital Insights group have a particular focus on machine learning and advanced analytics. Beyond simply exploring concepts in these fields, they are working with domain experts across the business in delivering new types of value to our clients.

From saving energy in the operation of complex facilities, to recognising features and patterns among millions of images, come and gain some insights into emerging possibilities…!

We will also use one of our Aurecon Apps – Field Force – to capture your thoughts first hand so you can see live data being built and explored.
Once upon a time said the engineer
Ideas are much more powerful when shared. Engineers are at the forefront of the innovations that help solve the most complex challenges facing humanity. Our work matters because it has exponential impact on society. But the real value lies not only in the technical mastery, but in the knowledge and emotion we can unlock in others.

Our human understanding is shaped by what we can see.

We can only collaborate and contribute when we understand. Using visual mediums, we can create a sense of place that provides a common basis for engagement and conversation. We use technology to augment our technical expertise, and to help our engineers share their stories. We are the custodians of the design narrative.

We are so serious about storytelling, that in February this year Aurecon acquired market leading digital agency, Studio Magnified.

Now called Unsigned Studio, we offer a completely new capability combining storytelling, art, design and code to create memorable human experiences that communicate, inform and engage. Learn more.

And see some of our projects, taking digital storytelling to the next level:
Building sciences
When does a raspberry pie not add calories? When it’s measuring occupant comfort, satisfaction and wellbeing!

Our Raspberry Pi IoT sensors measure temperature, vibration, sound and light at numerous locations of a building and upload information directly to building management services. This rich and real-time information allows tuning of heating and cooling, planning for traffic management and office layout, asset integrity and health and well-being.

It is a fundamental ingredient to Buildings of the Future.

Our Aurecon Smart Centre platform includes an internet of things approach in deploying additional sensor infrastructure to validate BMS data and indoor environmental factors, whilst providing new insight into space utilisation and occupant mobility. A key element is occupant engagement using digital tools to capture experience and context of environment factors, as well as collaboration and interaction dynamics.
From beach to cloud
We are playful with serious intent.

There is often a thin line between fantasy and science.

Augmented reality blurs the line between what is real and what isn’t by enabling us to see what is possible in the context of what is current. Whether “possible” is the design you are working to, a model of the original asset or of a future desired state, you can see both incarnations within the same field of view, and inspect them from every angle.

When we collaborate through play, quite often we achieve unexpected outcomes. Our sandbox might just look like fun, but not only does it facilitate greater engagement and garner new ideas, but it also presents a complex set of technological connections in a very compelling and simple way.

In this demonstration you can sculpt physical sand and see the topography reflected virtually in real time. Then, the surface model is sent to the cloud, and pulled down into two separate visualisation applications: A custom ESRI 3D scene displays the model in the context of the real world, and an Unreal application uses the model to dynamically update the landscape.

It's playful, it’s fun, it’s even surprisingly relaxing – but it is also serious in communicating new ideas and generating engagement. Come and play!
Information. Everywhere.
Just like you, we need access to technology and applications to enable our teams to work smarter. We also need to be able to visualise, collaborate and dynamically update our project designs and engage with our clients. Because we couldn’t find what we needed off the shelf, we built our own.

We will show you some of our favourites:

Field Forceis a mobile, desktop and web application that enables real time capture of information from anywhere using customisable forms and automation. Learn more about how we are using it.

Drawing Box came from the frustration of finding and accessing drawings while at a project site. A QR code installed on the asset is linked to digital drawing repositories either stored locally or in the cloud, eliminating the need to search for drawings. Drawing Box and Field Force integrate together to provide a full solution for asset inspection and reporting. You can try this out in our Virtual Data Centre.

Viz RT is our flagship interactive 3D visualisation and Virtual Reality platform. At the cutting edge of emerging visual and digital technologies, VizRT enables multi-player interaction by bringing together multiple sources of design and contextual information into one digital place. VizRT is our one-stop shop for collaboration, immersive design and production quality visualisation outcomes. Try it for yourself, or learn more about how we are gamifying the design process.
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