Digital Event (Perth) - Future State

Future State

Welcome to Future State, an experiential hands-on evening where our digital visionaries will bring to life the latest in digital technologies and engineering.

Our interactive and experiential exhibition spaces showcase how Aurecon has been exploring a range of emerging technologies to engage, share stories, and co-create the future of engineering.

Below are some of our key exhibitions for the evening – simply scroll through the images and click the arrows for more information.

The future is here, come in and touch it.

3D Modelling
With the advent of the digital age, bridges can now be constructed via a 3D model, not just from an inert series of A3 drawings. Aurecon is taking this development further with an exciting client offering based on the 3D model.

This involves digital imperatives such as reinforcement modelling and automatic scheduling, automatic checks for fit up and clash detection, quantities and cost estimating, integration straight to asset management and more.

Come along to understand the latest in digital bridges for the 21st century and experience how utilising digital methods is changing the way we build bridges.
Aurecon's Three Horizon Approach to Digital
Technology is changing fast.

Do you know where it is going and what it means for you? What does digital even mean? Aurecon is looking over the horizon to understand and anticipate what might happen and how we respond in an ever more complex and uncertain world.

Aurecon’s Digital Futures team is dedicated to exploring these new environments, understanding what the technology means, how it changes business models and testing how we adapt to the new normal.

Experience how we are testing, building, growing and challenging ways of working to achieve our industry's Future State.
Unsigned Studio
Ideas are much more powerful when shared.

Engineers are at the forefront of the innovations that help solve the most complex challenges facing humanity. Our work matters because it has exponential impact on society. But the real value lies not only in the technical mastery, but in the knowledge and emotion we can unlock in others.

We are so serious about storytelling that we have established Unsigned Studio, a global team of creative professionals that enable people to experience and explore engineering like never before.

Unsigned Studio makes journeys unforgettable and tell stories that connect. By using visualisation, interactive and creative technologies, we create memorable human experiences that communicate and engage.
Digitising the estate
Our digitally connected future is here.

By 2020 our world is estimated to have 21 billion connected sensors and endpoints, bringing real time information, analytics and insights to our built environments, and saving potentially billions of dollars in maintenance and operations.

Digital representation of our real-world objects.

Just imagine a platform that connects and allows us to interact with our assets in real time. That enables us to respond more rapidly to changing conditions, to optimise asset performance and make better informed decisions.

Its more than just sensors and iOT – it is the application of advanced technical knowledge, business strategy enabled by current and emerging technology – to create digital ecosystems.

It is all about starting with the end, what do you want from your asset?

The challenge is to build a digital representation that enables data driven decision making. To understand our assets, to capture what is important about them, and to learn how they function in their broader ecosystem of parts.

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Culvert Inspection Vehicle
Robotics is here but how can it be utilised? We’d like to show you one little machine making a huge difference to operations.

The Culvert Inspection Vehicle (CiV) has been developed in-house at Aurecon to assist engineers with the visual inspection of the internals of drainage pipes or culverts. This innovation can provide CCTV footage to the engineer on site in real-time, allowing them to assess the condition of the infrastructure for a fraction of the cost associated with traditional contractor provided CCTV inspections.

This vehicle can be employed to inspect a myriad of other confined spaces that are too unsafe or difficult to enter, including under suspended floors, within ceiling spaces and along pipelines, to name a few.

At Future State you’ll be able to see the CiV in action, hear its story and potential applications and even have a drive, seeing the live feed from the unit displayed, just as the operator would.
Woman using VR googles
Our human understanding is shaped by what we can see.

As we strive to put our users at the centre of our designs and decisions, immersive tools such as VR and AI are allowing a new level of interactivity where users can experience a design before it is built.

We can only collaborate when we understand. Visual mediums create a sense of place that provides a common basis for engagement and conversation. We use technology to augment our technical expertise, and to help our engineers test their designs with users to make more empathic and informed decisions along a project journey.

This engaging, collaborative and immersive process allows us to better understand user needs and respond through enhanced design. Experience for yourself how the smallest details can have a big impact on the user experience.
Aurecon is digitising infrastructure
Major projects such as Christchurch Metro Sports, Auckland City Rail Link, Melbourne Metro, West Connex and Rio Tinto Iron Ore do not get delivered using paper.

Engineering projects are increasingly complex, distributed and collaborative, requiring a complimentary digital platform that supports both rigorous delivery and iterative design. We create digital collaboration platforms that drive transparency, automate key processes and digitise all aspects of project delivery, while facilitating the ongoing injection of emerging technologies and innovation through human centred design.

We build tools that are relevant across all phases of our projects enabling greater insight into data, better understanding of change and facilitating co-creative and iterative approaches to digital design.

See this constantly evolving platform in action and experience how it is being used to deliver complex projects.
Computational Design
We work in an environment which is increasingly shaped by the accessibility of digital technologies. This includes access to extend our software tools and connect new hardware, from sensors to robots.

Across our offices we have people skilled in building tools and shaping our workflows through writing code. This allows us to use data to drive our models and to approach designs as customisable systems. The code written at low levels automates how we work.

This automation allows us to iterate at speed, being flexible to explore broad design spaces. From here we can radically shape the experiences of our clients.

At Future State see for yourself how our custom tools and workflows are being used to improve design outcomes.
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