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Regional Centre of Excellence for Digital Engineering

The future of business lies in digital transformation – and Asia is ready to be transformed

Today, the engineering and construction industries in Asia face the inevitable disruption from digital technology, as the region’s demand for innovation, future ready buildings, and infrastructure increases.

Organisations and businesses are seeking for new opportunities and solutions from technologies to make things better, easier and more efficient. But ‘going digital’ is not where the transformation journey ends, it is, in fact, where it begins.

Aurecon’s Regional Centre of Excellence for Digital Engineering, based in Singapore, is extending our digital vision into the Asian market. Staffed by our Digital Futures team, the Centre is dedicated to help solving our clients’ challenges with emerging digital technologies and alternative business models.

With close collaboration from our experts in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam, the centre is designed to accelerate the development and adoption of digital engineering in Asia in the construction industry.

Investing in the three pillars of digital transformation: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and visualisation and digital collaboration, we assist our clients in envisioning and experiencing the possibilities that a digital future presents – and bring them to life.

The four key competencies for development to digitally transform Asia include:

  • 3D collaborative design and Building Information Modelling (BIM) – efficiently supporting coordination of construction projects
  • Virtual experiences and real-life simulations – enhancing personal and emotional connection
  • GeoDocs – a proprietary design collaboration and project delivery portal
  • Smart Centre – digital platform connecting a range of sensors

By imagining what is possible, we can unlock the power and potential of digital technologies and explore the greater opportunities that will enable businesses, governments and communities to be, not only digitally transformed, but also sustainable and future ready.

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Aurecon in Asia

Aurecon has been collaborating with our clients and partners for more than 40 years in Asia, engineering better lives for our communities. We have full-strength delivery teams with great track records in our offices across Asia.

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