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Dive into digital

Welcome to ‘Dive into Digital’, an experiential hands-on evening where our digital visionaries will bring to life the latest in digital technologies and engineering.

Our interactive and experiential exhibition spaces showcase how Aurecon has been exploring the use of visualisation technologies to engage, share stories, and co-create.

Below are some of our key exhibitions for the evening – simply scroll through the images and click the arrows for more information.

Let's dive in

Information. Everywhere.
Just like you, we need access to technology to enable our teams to work smarter. We also need to be able to visualise, collaborate and dynamically update our designs to engage with our clients. If we can’t always find the digital tools we want, we build our own.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Field Force is a mobile application that enables us to capture information from anywhere using customisable forms and automation.

Drawing Box came from frustration in accessing drawings and documents while at project sites. Using a QR code installed on an asset, we use Drawing Box to access digital drawing repositories and document databases, either stored locally or in the cloud.

Viz RT is our flagship interactive 3D visualisation and Virtual Reality platform. At the cutting edge of emerging visual and digital technologies, VizRT enables multi-user interaction by bringing together sources of design and contextual information into one digital experience.

SwipeEngage takes the simplicity of Tinder to the complex environment of user engagement. A mobile app, SwipeEngage enables us to create very simple, engaging and fun ways of working with stakeholders to ask questions about proposed designs and options.

Propeller is our platform to incubate ideas and foster innovation across teams and businesses. It provides an open space to propose, grow and critique ideas among peers.
Digitising the estate
What if you could:
  • Get a machine to learn how to halve your energy consumption?
  • Improve emergency management through asset optimisation?
  • Reduce your portfolio expenditure through using real-time data?
  • Extend the life of your asset base by understanding and predicting when failures will occur?
  • Prioritise capital investment using predictive analytics?
Digitising your estate provides a digital profile of existing and real-time asset behaviours that can be used to optimise business performance. This digital twin can provide opportunities to detect physical issues sooner, predict outcomes more accurately, and drive greater value through assets now and into the future.
Virtual Engagement
Bringing a design to life allows you to experience a project from the end user’s perspective.

This allows more informed decisions to be made by understanding:
  • The impact that design decisions have on scale
  • Construction methodologies
  • Risk
  • Material quantities
  • The site and surrounding landscape
  • How it interfaces with existing infrastructure
  • If it is truly fit for purpose
Aurecon is spearheading the use of visualisation as a tool to improve project outcomes by leveraging design models right across the project lifecycle.

Experience visualisation capabilities that range from static deliverables such as movies and images, through to complex interactive technologies such as VIZ RT and virtual reality.
Pedalling Immersion
For years, we have designed all manner of things but delivered these designs through just a few means.

We can now share our designs through immersive experiences in virtual, augmented and mixed reality tools.

At Aurecon, we are passionate about cycling, so we thought, why not design and test our key cycleways on a bike?

Come and join us for a ride!
It's all in the data
Data is the new oil, or so they say. Making sense from data, and gaining real insights through it are essential to continuously improving and understanding business needs into the future.

Our Digital Insights group have a particular focus on machine learning and advanced analytics. Beyond simply exploring concepts in these fields, they are working with domain experts across the business in delivering new types of value to our clients.

From saving energy in the operation of complex facilities, to recognising features and patterns among millions of images, come and gain some insights into emerging possibilities…!
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