Dive into digital with Aurecon

Dive into digital

Welcome to “Dive into Digital”, an experiential hands-on morning where our digital visionaries will bring to life the latest in digital technologies and engineering.

Our interactive and experiential exhibition spaces showcase how Aurecon has been exploring the use of visualisation technologies to engage, share stories, and co-create.

Below are some of our key exhibitions for the morning – simply scroll through the images and click the arrows for more information.

Let's dive in.

virtual reality
Bringing a design to life allows you to experience a project from the end user’s perspective.

This allows more informed decisions to be made by understanding:
  • The impact that design decisions have on scale
  • Construction methodologies
  • Risk
  • Material quantities
  • The site and surrounding landscape
  • How it interfaces with existing infrastructure
  • If it is truly fit for purpose
Aurecon is spearheading the use of visualisation as a tool to improve project outcomes by leveraging design models right across the project lifecycle.

Experience visualisation capabilities that range from static deliverables such as movies and images, through to complex interactive technologies such as VIZ RT and virtual reality.
Survey as we know it continues to change fundamentally due to rapid advancements in technology. Aurecon is leading the way when it comes to the rapid capture of data and processing, helping to ensure the data is not only accurate but in a fully functional model available for design.
3D modelling
Aurecon have utilised the latest industrial 3D printing technologies to assist with communicating design concepts to remote communities, utilising in-house equipment and design capability to provide an interactive experience during community consultations.

Keeping abreast of the latest printing technologies and expanding plastic filament options allows Aurecon to provide robust models, capable of remote travel and use within harsh climatic conditions throughout the Northern Territory and Northern Queensland regions.

The “hands on” opportunity to interrogate the future housing offered, combined with Virtual Reality Consultation software, provides an enormous benefit to achieving successful consultation outcomes.

The printed models are exacting to scale and developed through AutoCAD and Revit designs, providing full documentation for the tendering and the construction process. Options include removable wall and room sections, along with varying roof configurations, internal layouts and colour configurations.
geospatial surveying
How do you find the treasure in an ever-changing world? What if you had a framework that analysed your environment to reveal those opportunities for solving the complex problems?

At Aurecon we have implemented industry proven Geographic Information System (GIS) tools. These emerging technologies in data analytics and machine learning are utilised to develop powerful methods to analyse our client’s spatial data. These tools can be used to estimate, predict and understand the complex spatial world in ways humans cannot. Deeper insights are organised into map visualisations and 3D scenes, helping the users make smarter decisions.
VR bike
For years, we have designed all manner of things but delivered these designs through just a few means. We can now share our designs through immersive experiences in virtual, augmented and mixed reality tools.

At Aurecon, we are passionate about cycling, so we thought, why not design and test our key cycleways on a bike? Come and join us for a ride!
digital sand pit
We are playful with serious intent. There is often a thin line between fantasy and science.

Augmented reality blurs the line between what is real and what isn’t by enabling us to see what is possible in the context of what is current. Whether “possible” is the design you are working to, a model of the original asset or of a future desired state, you can see both incarnations within the same field of view and inspect them from every angle.

When we collaborate through play, quite often we achieve unexpected outcomes. Our sandbox might just look like fun, but not only does it facilitate greater engagement and garner new ideas, but it also presents a complex set of technological connections in a very compelling and simple way.

In this demonstration you can sculpt physical sand and see the topography reflected virtually in real time. Then, the surface model is sent to the cloud, and pulled down into two separate visualisation applications: A custom ESRI 3D scene displays the model in the context of the real world, and an Unreal application uses the model to dynamically update the landscape.

It's playful, it’s fun, it’s even surprisingly relaxing – but it is also serious in communicating new ideas and generating engagement. Come and play!
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