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Dive into Digital

Welcome to ‘Dive into Digital’, an experiential hands-on evening where our digital visionaries will bring to life the latest in digital technologies and engineering.

Our interactive and experiential exhibition spaces showcase how Aurecon has been exploring the use of visualisation technologies to engage, share stories, and co-create.

Below are some of our key exhibitions for the evening – simply scroll through the images and click the arrows for more information.

 Let's dive in


Ideation platform at Aurecon

Futures Lab – Aurecon’s Incubator

Through open ideation, targeted challenges and an agile approach to rapid prototyping, Aurecon’s ideas accelerator and incubation platform drives our design-led culture and delivers future driven solutions, now! Co-created by our Digital Futures team and crowd-sourcing ideas company, we are seeing new digital initiatives being prototyped, trialled, and incorporated into projects.
Drone resting on grass


Survey as we know it continues to change fundamentally due to rapid advancements in technology. Our team is leading the way when it comes to the rapid capture of data and processing, helping to ensure the data is not only accurate but in a fully functional model available for design.
Bateman's Bay with Aurecon staff

Virtual Engagement – Bateman’s Bay

The Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project with Roads and Maritime Services in Wollongong, presented community engagement challenges due to its regional location, the ageing demographic and general community concern. So, do you engage with and educate the community in a fun and innovative way while building their confidence in the project team and their approach? The answer is simple; we embraced innovative visual engagement tools to bring the project and the team behind it to life, allowing the community to fully immerse themselves in the project.
Aurecon clients using virtual reality to co-create Wynyard Station

The Experiment – Wynyard Station Upgrade

As part of Wynyard Station Upgrade with Transport for NSW, the team were tasked with designing an air-conditioning solution. Adopting a scientific approach, we simulated a Wynyard Station platform on a typically-sweltering Sydney day and conducted a series of experiments that combined 3D-printed air-diffuser prototypes, temperature controls, and virtual reality. We then took our stakeholders on a journey, starting with a collaborative design workshop, right through to a physical demonstration of the solution the team had collectively devised.
Bike rider, Aurecon

On your 3-D Printed Bespoke Virtual VizRT Bike – Westgate

Experience your project before it’s built. Not simply with 2D drawings or via 3D model, instead, we have developed a bike set up that connects with our VizRT platform to enable clients, communities, and stakeholders to fully experience the project at each stage, creating next-level engagement.
Machine and human playing chess, Aurecon Just Imagine

Will the Machine Ever Learn? Machine Learning Demo

What's all the buzz about machine learning? What are the challenges, complexities and opportunities? At Aurecon we are distilling the hype through use-cases in transport monitoring, infrastructure inspection and system modelling for diagnostics and performance optimisation. This somewhat mature yet still emerging technology is finding its application in our industry and is unlocking its potential within data rich environments.
Computational design at Aurecon

Leaps and Bounds – Computational Design

Our computational design team are hard at work, automating a multitude of processes that generally require manual inputs from users. By developing custom code scripts, the team is reducing the time spent by engineers in creating models and increasing modelling accuracy by eliminating the chance of human error.
Data Centre, Aurecon

Safe as Data Houses

Have you ever wondered how all the world’s data is collected, stored, processed and distributed all over the world? Just think of a zoo; instead of animals in cages, we have racks and servers! Worried about the temperature? We have a P1015 PEX Unit to keep the data cool and flowing. This is the future of localised free-standing datacentres… the smart cabinet.
Building Rooftop, Aurecon project

Know your Building – The Aurecon Smart Centre

Buildings of the future will tell us when they are having a bad day or when they need some attention. We have planted raspberry pi sensors around our building in Neutral Bay and are tracking them with our 3D Visualisation while capturing and organising the data so we can make sense of it.
Western Sydney Stadium, designed by Populous and Aurecon

Stadium of the Future

Western Sydney Stadium forms part of the New South Wales Government’s AUD 1.6-billion stadia strategy to vastly improve sporting infrastructure across the state. Working in close collaboration with design and construct contractor Lendlease and architect Populous, the vision for the stadium involves catering for bigger crowds, providing an improved game-day experience and bringing major economic benefits to the Western Sydney community.
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