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Digital Connected

Digitising the Estate

Capture the right insights to better manage your assets

We are witnessing a merging of the physical world with its digital representations, allowing organisations to adopt and integrate technologies to improve operations; become more productive; grow and innovate at great speed. This enables connected and networked assets that respond to the environment – and can be designed and optimised to make a positive contribution to our climate.

Below is your tailored journey to best experience key exhibitions for the evening. We recommend visiting each of the exhibitions in the order as they appear on the page – from left to right, top to bottom.

Explore each exhibition by clicking on the arrows for more information:


Learn how laser scanning and photogrammetry technologies are evolving to continually drive new methods of capturing data on your assets.
Building sciences
Discover our software tools to tag and track information for assets of any type, with an interface to access their digital twin.
Once upon a time said the engineer
Experience our immersive environments to engage your people - simulating proposed changes or training staff to operate your assets.
Building sciences
Discover how our engineers use computational tools to simulate and analyse the performance of your assets for a holistic view to enable better decision making.
Once upon a time said the engineer
Discover how our experts can use data from your assets to drive operational improvements.
From beach to cloud
Learn how our team can help shape and tell stories about your assets, from how they operate to how they are managed across your portfolio.
Discover how we can help distill value amidst an interconnected web of technologies, techniques and data structures.
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