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Set the strategy for your portfolio of assets

They say that data is the new oil. We can pull data from systems and spaces all around us, providing us with unprecedented insights across complex phenomena. Our challenge is to distill and make sense of the vast volumes of data and use it for decision making.

Below is your tailored journey to best experience key exhibitions for the evening. We recommend visiting each of the exhibitions in the order as they appear on the page – from left to right, top to bottom.

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Aurecon's Three Horizon Approach to Digital
Discover how we can help distill value amidst an interconnected web of technologies, techniques and data structures.
Building sciences
Meet our team dedicated to telling great stories through digital media, changing how we engage and making the complex simple for your people and stakeholders.
Explore how, with increasing speed, we capture data of the spaces and objects around us for deeper insights and on demand information.
Building sciences
Experience data-rich environments and overlay insights onto physical spaces to create new perspectives and experiences.
Once upon a time said the engineer
See how we use computational techniques to drive our design models, using data to iterate through broad options for form and pattern.
It's all in the data
Meet our team of data scientists who are using data sets to drive operations efficiency and provide insights across city precincts and assets.
From beach to cloud
Learn how our engineers are using computational techniques to enhance simulations and drive insights to shape our design and delivery.
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