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Data driven manufacturing and construction

The fourth industrial revolution is changing how we make almost everything. This potential extends to our built environment with the promise that manufacturing and construction supply chains will be data driven. This data driven approach will deliver the most value when it starts early in design and planning, feeding needs downstream and enabling a platform for efficiency and flexibility.

Below is your tailored journey to best experience key exhibitions for the evening. We recommend visiting each of the exhibitions in the order as they appear on the page – from left to right, top to bottom.

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Building sciences
See how we build information management systems to design and deliver the most complex projects, leveraging global best practices to provide a single source of truth.
Discover how our engineers use data to drive digital models, capturing detailed quantities and resolving complex assembly in the model before we build.
Learn from our experts who build confidence around the size and location of hidden features, from contaminants in soil to hidden services.
Building sciences
Discover our software tools to tag and track information for any construction elements, interfacing physical components with your digital models.
Once upon a time said the engineer
Experience immersive environments for testing and iterating design - simulating spaces and gaining stakeholder support through virtual mockups.
It's all in the data
Learn how survey technology is continually evolving through laser scanning and photogrammetry tools, creating digital models to seamlessly guide design.
From beach to cloud
Learn how we engage stakeholders across your project through telling digital stories in films and apps, sharing everything from spaces to construction sequence.
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