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Telecommunications Infrastructure

Emerging technologies constantly change the way we communicate and conduct business, with telecommunications infrastructure becoming increasingly important.

Aurecon is a leading provider of specialist telecommunications facilities, developing more than 10 000 sites throughout Australia, New Zealand, Africa and South East Asia.
We provide specialist services for a wide variety of facilities from:

  • wireless sites
  • microwave links and towers
  • network upgrades
  • fibre routes and satellite earth stations
  • telecommunications for buildings, airports, tunnels, freeways and rail links.

Our in-depth knowledge of radio frequency requirements enables us to select the right telecommunications infrastructure sites, while meeting our clients’ objectives and delivering significant cost savings. 

At Aurecon we demonstrated our expertise in rolling out large national projects such as the National Broadband Network (Wireless) Roll-out in Australia for Ericsson Australia which required exceptional skills and communication.

Aurecon’s multidisciplinary teams consistently provide exceptional services to our clients - in design, environmental planning and community consultation, project management, site acquisition and corridor tenure arrangements, health and safety management and auditing, radio-path propagation studies, to a range of essential management services.

These include managing the co-location process, construction contractor and programmes, asset condition assessments and facilities, and cost, programme and quality control processes.

With telecommunications specialists supported by a global communication and knowledge-sharing infrastructure portal, Aurecon can solve any telecommunications infrastructure challenge.

Please download the Telecommunications infrastructure brochure from the ‘Download module’ for a detailed description on our capability and list of key projects.

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