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Rail Jobs in Australia and New Zealand

Diverse? Check. Award winning? Check. Large firm of the year? You bet we are.

Are you a rail engineer looking for exciting opportunities in Australia and New Zealand? Are you interested in Rail Systems Design, Signalling, Electrification, Design Management (Civil or Systems), Systems Engineering and Systems Assurance or Rolling Stock? Would you like to relocate to Australia or New Zealand? Aurecon can offer you the chance to do that.

Our rail team is searching for passionate rail professionals to join us in our exciting journey in rail. With loads of opportunity and an exciting future ahead, we’re recruiting rail engineers across a range of disciplines to work on some major community-shaping projects in cities such as Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland.

So, we know what you’re probably asking. Why choose Aurecon? You probably don’t know us very well yet, but we’re kind of a big deal down under. Here’s why.

  • We’re #unconventional
    We’re unconventional in thought and in practice, we pride ourselves on doing things differently. We believe in the power of design innovation and seek to do more than just check boxes on the projects we work on.

  • We’re innovative
    We don’t like to brag, but check our credentials. In just the past year, we’ve picked up multiple awards that recognise our commitment to challenging the status quo. Good Design Australia’s Project of the Year, Consult Australia’s Large Firm of the Year, and the highly esteemed Sir Edmund Hambly Medal at the ICE Awards in London – just to name a few.

  • We’re diverse
    With employees in more than 24 countries around the world, and more than 32 different languages spoken within our business, we are proud of our truly diverse culture. You will work with people from all walks of life who are encouraged to bring their own personal flair to the project teams they are part of. It must be said, we take diversity in leadership very seriously. 

Graduate Michelle Doolan explains why she chose to join Aurecon.

Video Transcript: Aurecon Graduate Michelle Doolan Unconventional thinker

I’m Michelle Doolan. I’m a civil engineer currently based at Melbourne Metro Rail Authority in the station’s team working on the Parkville Station.

As part of my work as an engineer at Aurecon I’ve been involved in the Melbourne Metro Rail Project both on the consulting side and the client side. And that’s been anything from sustainability to requirements and standards to stakeholder consultation – so quite diverse. And then the other big project I worked on is the Furlong Main Heatherdale and Blackburn level crossing removals.

I think going forward into the future there’s a lot of exciting changes that could happen with rail. We’re already looking at high capacity metro trains where we can take more people and more trains per hour on our networks. Further afield than that there’s possibilities to manage rail via a cloud network where it’s all done remotely where going forward it could be driverless trains for example.

I chose to join Aurecon a few years actually prior to finishing university. And I saw how many places Aurecon worked and at the time I had a big thing for Africa. And I really wanted to be able to work across different countries and across different projects. So, when I was looking at all the different consultancies where they were based, the markets they were based across and the type of engineers they had it really struck me as a place I wanted to work.

I think the great thing about the Aurecon Attributes is that they encourage you to look outside purely your field of engineering and see what other talents you may have to supplement your work and how you can think beyond a typical scope say as an engineer. So, for me I feel there’s a few that I could relate to but I guess my recent award I received at Ausrail prompted me to really see that I would opt more to be an unconventional thinker particularly as someone who’s done an arts engineering degree. So, the presentation which I brought to Ausrail was in the context of community consultation but to implement virtual reality to basically engage the community along the construction phases of major projects. So instead of looking at construction as a nuisance with all the major projects going on they could see it as something exciting and something really interesting and show people how cool engineering is for lack of a better term.

I like the people I work with. I like my team. The rail team feels, I don’t know, kind of like a second family in a way. We all get along really well. I like the diversity of projects I worked on. I loved the fact that the people I worked with had allowed me to jump from one thing to the next because I don’t sit still very well. And I do feel like everyone at Aurecon has accommodated me so far in what I want to do.

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