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Diversity and inclusion

The diversity of our people is core to Aurecon.

We have employees in more than 24 countries around the world and there are more than 32 different languages spoken within our business. We have programmes and policies to foster talent from all walks of life to ensure a fair working environment where opportunities are available to everyone.

Aurecon is committed to maintaining a culture based on respect, trust and inclusiveness. Diversity and inclusion to Aurecon means:

  • Bringing ideas to life together
  • Equipping our global workforce with the confidence to work within and alongside various cultures
  • Taking advantage of the benefits of different perspectives within leadership groups and project teams
  • Maximising available resources, including attracting, retaining and developing diverse talent
  • Exceeding internal and external expectations for tangible diversity management

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Meet Gladys Nabagala, Electrical Engineer

Gladys shares her first experience working outside her home country of South Africa, spending two years working in Melbourne Australia, as part of Aurecon's global exchange programme.

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