Aurecon Attributes

The Aurecon Attributes are our way of being, they make us stand out from the crowd.

The Aurecon Attributes are our way of being, they make us stand out from the crowd.

Aurecon Attributes

The Aurecon Attributes define our way of being – they’re a collection of qualities that make us who we are. Individually and collectively they unleash the true power of Aurecon, they make us stand out from the crowd and are critical to our success. 

By seeking out these attributes we recruit and inspire a diverse, high-performing workplace. It’s a place where project teams explore problems from different perspectives, where our people are encouraged to be themselves and are celebrated for bringing their unique skills to the table.

Don’t worry, no one is expected to have all of them, but we build teams that collectively have them all. It’s with all the Aurecon Attributes that we bring ideas to life. 

Watch the video to find out more, then take the fun quiz and see which Aurecon Attribute is strongest in you.

Video Transcript: Aurecon Attributes

How we stand out from the crowd

How will you imagine the future? How will you inspire and be inspired? How will you become your client’s thinking partner? What are the attributes you need to make a difference?
The Aurecon attributes are critical to success. Individually and collectively they are the catalyst that unleashes the true power of Aurecon. It’s what we look for, it’s how we develop our people. It’s how we stand out from the crowd. We talked with our clients and they said these are the kinds of attributes they expect from their partners. It’s the way to become future ready now.
Sense makers connect the dots, they look at things differently and create meaningful insights. Tell them something can’t work and they’ll show you how it can. Unconventional thinkers are comfortable to challenge the norm with an opinion or an idea that is new. These are our original thinkers. Commercial thinkers cut through external and internal challenges, drivers and systems and make things happen. They make decisions that improve our business.
Resourceful people navigate complexity. They are creative and maximise opportunities by grasping them with both hands and being willing to be decisive. Inquisitive thinkers have the intellectual curiosity to explore, experiment, make mistakes, play, have fun and learn through the process. They share their learnings. Engaging people share ideas, communicate a vision and bring others on the journey with them.
Co-creative thinkers relish working with others. They embrace divergent thinking and create a shared purpose. Fearless people have the ability to make wise bold decisions in the face of challenge and adversity.
Don’t worry you don’t need all of them two or three would be good but the best teams cover them all. We bring ideas to life. We make the world a better place. It’s our future.


After completing the quiz, add our Attribute filter to your picture and upload it to the #MyAureconAttribute gallery.


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