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Videos, tools and tips to help take learning beyond the competition

Bridge Building Competition - Aurecon

Tips, videos and resources to extend STEM learning

The Aurecon Bridge Building Competition offers secondary students ‘real-world’ experience of what they can look forward to as future engineering students and professionals.

Through this competition Aurecon hopes to encourage students to unlock their potential by engaging with STEM early.

The Aurecon Bridge Building Competition can extend beyond one competition day. There is so much to learn about STEM, engineering, and a whole world of bridges to discover!

On this page, you will find videos, tools and tips to support extending learning beyond the competition.

Whether you are hosting an internal bridge building competition with students at your school, whether your students want tips on constructing bridges or learning about bridge design, or whether they want to understand where a career in engineering could take them, you’ll find some great resources on this page. 

Stay tuned!

We’ll be adding more content soon, including some videos covering a range of engineering career and bridge design topics. Keep checking back to find out more.

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How to run your own internal competition

Not all students can be involved in the competition, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t make their own bridges outside of it.

To encourage more students to get involved in designing their own bridges, we have some internal school competition guidelines to help you run your very own Bridge Building Competition.

This is also a great way to choose your teams that will represent your school at Judging Day.

These guidelines have tips on how to run this activity at minimum cost.


Have no tools for an internal competition?

Why not run your very own digital competition where students can construct their bridge digitally?

You can find resources as well as tutorials for accessing and using AutoCAD, SketchUp Make or SketchUp Free on our Digital Competition page.

  1. Check out the competition guidelines. These guidelines cover what is used to assess bridges on Judging Day. Judges use these criteria to give each bridge a score, so make sure that all guidelines are followed. This will ensure the bridges designed by students tick all the boxes on judging day!

  2. There are some useful construction tips in this Knowledge Base document that covers what your students need to consider to ensure their bridges are as strong as possible.

  3. Make sure you find out more about our optional Digital Competition. The digital option encourages teams to submit a digital design to reflect the increasing role virtual/online environments and programs play in the engineering and testing of bridges.

    Designing bridges digitally first will help students to better plan and design their physical bridges so they can build a stronger bridge whilst ensuring they don’t run out of materials.

    The Digital Competition page has a number of resources and tutorials available to help students use AutoCAD, SketchUp Make or SketchUp Free to design their bridges.

Everything you need to get started with your bridge design

Have you got your team ready to design bridges? Now that you’re all set to get started, we have several resources to help you and make designing a bridge easy and fun!

Educational videos

Getting Started with Cindy Tu

In this video, Bridge Engineer Cindy Tu has some tips to help you get started with planning and constructing bridges. The video overviews types of bridge designs, materials used in the competition and some tips for getting started.
Cindy Tsu - Aurecon

Keep checking back for more videos that cover bridge design and engineering in more detail.

Reach out to these peeps!

If you need assistance with anything Bridge Building Competition, please contact our awesome team – they are ready and waiting to help! Learn about their favourite bridges below to get some inspiration for your project.
Eloise Febbraio

Eloise Febbraio


"My favourite bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco; the classic suspension bridge. I’ve seen it from all different angles– driving over it, and sailing under it!"

Ella Penman

Ella Penman


"My favourite bridge is the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy, a segmental arch bridge from the Middle Ages. I love it because it’s covered in beautiful shopfronts."

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