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Ashley Grohn

Ashley Grohn

Ashley Grohn is Aurecon's Power Generation Expertise Leader situated in South Africa.

Ashley has been with Aurecon for over 10 years, and has worked in a number of different levels of management within the Energy sector. He has also worked in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Proudest moment in your career?

That generation of the first megawatt in all projects that I have significantly contributed to is always a proud moment.

What are the keys to successful project delivery?

People, people, people. Maybe 10-20 percent of a project is strategy. A successful execution is largely determined by key stakeholders and their behaviours, competency, mindset and enjoyment. Successful people in the industry gravitate to the successful projects.

The most important lesson you learnt early in your career?

The true experts in this industry are the ones that have previously made all the mistakes, this consequently has enabled them to learn and develop their skills.

Where do you see power generation over the next five years?

I see conventional technologies dominating growth in the emerging markets, in particular Africa and South East Asia. Additionally, I see the mature market continuing to wrestle with application of conventional power generation technologies with renewable energy and hybrid-renewable solutions.

Enjoyment is…

Seeing the exponential benefit gained in emerging countries and communities when we deliver essential infrastructure, such as energy, to them.

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