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AusAid Panel

Monitoring and evaluation advisory

Our commitment

Effective monitoring and evaluation is critical to enable continuous learning and improve aid effectiveness. Aurecon is committed to strengthening the achievement of development results.

We advocate for practical monitoring systems that can guide strategy and project implementation in real time, alongside rigorous evaluations that inform us of the difference aid makes.

Core competencies in monitoring and evaluation advisory

  • Strategic evaluation
  • Strategic monitoring and programme performance systems
  • Project monitoring and performance, and evaluation
  • Development of M&E frameworks including the construction of results chains/impact logics, log frame development, indicator monitoring and verification techniques
  • Impact evaluation
  • Value for money assessments Expertise in research methodology, data collection and analysis, mixed method evaluation.
  • Training and capacity building support to agencies, institutions and organisations to more effectively monitor and manage for results
  • Perception and awareness surveys, analysis and reporting

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