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Governance advisory

Our commitment

For development to benefit all, then institutions and political systems must work in the interest of all citizens. Achieving and sustaining pro-poor change requires good governance: legitimate and accountable rulers, an active civil society and a responsive and capable public administration. It also requires a sound understanding of informal political structures and practices that enable or prevent poor people exercising their voice and realising their rights.

Aurecon is committed to building governance systems that establish a capable state, encourage a vibrant private sector, and enable the poor to participate more equitably and effectively in society.

Core competencies in governance advisory

  • Facilitating collaboration between, and capacity building of, civil society, government and the private sector to achieve improved livelihood opportunities and service delivery for poor and marginalised groups 
  • Innovative approaches in governance program and project design, policy advice, and capacity building
  • Analysis and strategies for tackling corruption and improving transparency
  • Public sector reforms including: public policy analysis, policy development, results-based management, public administration and civil service reforms, 
  • Promoting and protecting political and civil rights
  • Reforming the law and justice sector, including police and prison systems
  • Political economy analysis
  • Decentralisation – analysis, support, implementation
  • Training courses and materials in public sector reform, civil society-state engagement, and political economy analysis

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