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Gender equality advisory

Our commitment

The persistence of gender inequality is unacceptable and impedes human and economic development. Unequal access to services, markets and rights between the sexes represents a denial of human rights, and imposes unnecessary costs on families, communities and nation states. The persistence and pervasiveness of violence against women is a particularly repulsive expression of unequal gender relations.

Aurecon believes that gender equality is a vital development objective in its own right, and is critical to the achievement of other development goals.

Core competencies in capacity development

  • Gender analysis, research and strategy development 
  • Gender policy, programme, and project design and review
  • Support to agencies, institutions and organisations to effectively integrate gender considerations and promote gender equality and women’s leadership
  • Training in gender mainstreaming, social development, social analysis and production of training materials
  • Women’s economic, social and political empowerment
  • Family violence prevention strategies
  • Monitoring and evaluation of gender and poverty outcomes
  • Managing for gender equality results
  • Knowledge management and knowledge to policy work
  • Specific emphasis on gender issues in relation to health, education, water and sanitation, rural development, disaster risk management, poverty reduction and humanitarian sectors

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