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Economics advisory

Our commitment

Inclusive economic growth is the most powerful driver of poverty reduction. Economic growth improves livelihoods, creates job opportunities and raises household incomes and government revenues that can be invested in social services.

Aurecon believes that economic growth is the exit strategy for aid. We are committed to supporting private sector led growth and financial inclusion in developing countries to support the emergence of a more prosperous, peaceful and stable society.

Core competencies in economics advisory

  • Regional, Country and Sector economic growth analysis, strategy and review
  • Economic policy analysis, including competition, trade, and infrastructure policy
  • Private Sector Development strategy, programme development and review, particularly in conflict affected environments
  • Analysis, review and design of interventions to improve the business enabling environment and instruments that harness the power of business or developmental ends Systems approaches to improve outcomes for poor people from input, output and factor markets 
  • Analysis, design and review of financial systems and ways to increase the inclusion of poor women and men in these
  • Monitoring and measurement of credible results from private sector development
  • Capacity building of government, private sector and third sector organisations to foster more inclusive growth
  • Strong networks into global businesses through our Directorship of the UN Principles for Socially Responsible Investment Secretariat

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