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Design advisory

Our commitment

The design of any strategy, program or intervention is critical to aid effectiveness. Aurecon is deeply familiar with AusAID’s design policies and guidance and commits to uphold, and where possible, exceed these standards.

We believe all designs must be realistic and practicable. We also firmly believe that a clear and consistent focus on the desired outcome, whilst remaining flexible in implementation is vital to a design’s success. We are committed to designs that will generate credible and attributable development results.

Core competencies in design advisory

  • Project and program design with a focus on aid effectiveness and practical solutions
  • Country and sector strategy facilitation and development
  • Training and guidance materials in design covering contextual analysis, intervention logic, managing and monitoring for results, value for money assessment, risk management and improving aid effectiveness in practice Incorporating a culture of credible, measurable and attributable development results into program design
  • Designing programs to be evaluable
  • Design of aid delivery mechanisms, coordination and harmonisation structures
  • Design of civil society and private sector programs and partnerships

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