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Capacity development advisory

Our commitment

Effective and contextualised capacity development is what makes a lasting difference in international development. Aurecon is committed to ensuring citizens, civil society, the private sector and the state are empowered with the necessary competencies and capabilities to drive and sustain progress.

We are committed to building systems for capacity development that endure once external support is withdrawn.

Core competencies in capacity development advisory

  • Analysis of personal, organisational, institutional and sector capacities, and strategies to develop these sustainably
  • Public sector capacity development, ranging across public sector and financial management, governance reform, organisational strengthening and building donor capacities
  • Civil society capacity development – including NGOs, parliamentarians, women, youth and advocacy groups
  • Building the capacity of business and representative organisations to identify and realise opportunities that benefit the poor including by influencing government
  • Taking a systems approach to capacity development which emphasises the capability of the wider system to build the necessary competences and capabilities in people, organisations and institutions once donor support ends
  • Training in how to effectively and sustainably build capacity in a development context
  • Intervention logics, measuring change and appropriate indicators in capacity development

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