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Preferential Procurement

Preferential Procurement

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As a provider of professional services, Aurecon is not a capital-intensive operation, therefore the bulk of its procurement spend encompasses the procurement of intellectual capital from contract workers and/or sub-consultants on a project-to-project basis.

In this regard, we maintain a policy of increasing our procurement with Black suppliers and especially Black-owned entities.

Currently, 88.82% of Aurecon’s procurement spend is on BBBEE compliant suppliers and service providers.

In our FY18 BBBEE verification audit we achieved:

  • Overall BEE Procurement spend of 88.82%
  • Procurement spend from Qualifying Small Enterprises (ZAR10 million to ZAR 50 million turnover per year) was 22.68%, exceeding the target of 15% 
  • Exempt Micro Enterprises (up to ZAR10 million turnover per year) was 20.71% which exceeds the target of 15%
  • Procurement spend from 51% black owned businesses was 33.59%
  • Procurement spend from 30% black female owned business was 14.87%

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