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Safety Essentials

Safety Essentials

At Aurecon, our aspirational goal is zero harm.

Within our industry, a wide variety of risks exist across our activities. Our Health and Safety framework is there to support us in this and supporting our management system is Aurecon’s Safety Essentials programme.

The Safety Essentials programme is designed to offer practical lessons to use in the efficient and effective management of Health and Safety risks specific to our day to day operations. In developing the fundamentals which underpin our Safety Essentials, we consulted across all levels of our business. Each Safety Essential addresses situations frequently encountered in our own workplaces and industries where we are typically engaged.

What do Safety Essentials represent?

  • Safety Essentials are formulated to address significant risk of injury or fatality
  • They are a minimum standard of safety
  • They are a symbol of our commitment to a robust safety culture
  • They are non-negotiable
  • As part of our Health and Safety Management System, they offer a clear message on how to manage these health and safety risks

Strict compliance with our Safety Essentials is pivotal to preventing incidents, in our own and in contractor environments. Achieving this requires personal ownership of health and safety, education, and the courage to step in as soon as you see something being done incorrectly or where a situation has the potential for harm. By sharing these principles and meeting their stringent standards, we go a long way to preventing harm to ourselves and others in our workplaces.

For violations of our Safety Essentials, we apply the general principle that if we choose not to comply, we choose not to work for Aurecon. This is how seriously Aurecon views Safety Essentials.

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