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Engaging Stakeholders

Sustainability across the supply chain

Aurecon’s procurement consists of primarily sub-consultants and large corporate vendors. 

Using a centralised Vendor Management System (VMS), Aurecon rates vendors on a wide range of criteria that includes performance and certification. The VMS is operational across most geographies. We plan to include all regions in future. 

Before deploying sub-consultants on projects, Aurecon determines and approves their Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance status. In some of our geographies, we required detailed due diligence questionnaires as part of the vendor registration process. We use a reputable on-line tool to ascertain whether potential vendors were exposed to negative news, are politically exposed or have in any other way acted in ways that might compromise Aurecon’s Code of Conduct and Ethics. Aurecon documents all processes within the VMS in a vendor management procedure. In-house and external quality auditors audited the procedure for compliance. 

Aurecon also manages aspects such as water, energy and waste, and regularly collaborates with landlords to identify areas for improvements. Leading us to identify our landlords as a specific vendor group.

In South Africa, Aurecon complies with specific procurement requirements to support the transformation of our economy and society.

Implementation partner

In October 2018, Aurecon in South Africa became an implementation partner in the Competitive Business Program. A programme run by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and funded by the Swiss government to feed sustainability and sustainability reporting into our local supply chain by offering training on the new reporting tool which the GRI developed.

Aurecon is focusing on providing training on the GRI’s Competitive Business Reporting Tool to active sub-consultants who are also members of Consulting Engineers of South Africa (CESA).

Aurecon also has plans underway to become an implementation part in Asia. 

CSRCB Implementation Partner

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