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Engaging Stakeholders

Engaging Stakeholders

We seek to join forces with our stakeholders to build sustainable, liveable futures

We talk with our key stakeholders, following the process suggested by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), to find out what matters most to them. Their answers inform our sustainability reporting.

The factors we consider when selecting who we talk with include:

  • Proximity — those who Aurecon depends on for daily operations and who live near our operating sites
  • Dependency — those who are dependent on Aurecon
  • Responsibility — those linked to Aurecon through legal, financial, operational regulations, contracts and/or policies
  • Influence — those who can influence Aurecon’s ability to reach intended goals
  • Representation — those who represent key institutions with which Aurecon interacts

Talking with stakeholders

Every year, we focus our sustainability stakeholder interaction on a different stakeholder group, using approaches from digital surveys to one-on-one interviews. We use this feedback to evolve our sustainability journey.

During FY17, we focused our engagements on our emerging professionals - Generation Y, Millennials, our future leaders. Here is what some of them said matters to them in Aurecon and beyond. Their feedback drives us to push even harder to embed consideration of social and environmental performance in all our projects, not just the “green” ones. We believe, through our projects, engineering professionals can have a tremendous impact on the sustainability of our world and all who live in it.

Click on the images to view comments from our emerging professionals

But we don’t just listen to what our people say about sustainability, we’ve gone a step further and made them part of our sustainability reporting process by creating Canopy.

Launched in FY16, Canopy is a specially created platform on our intranet that enables anyone at Aurecon to share their sustainability story and capture it in real time for publication shortly thereafter. The idea behind Canopy is that we will be able to capture and publish the good work we are doing on a more frequent basis.

Canopy delivers a rich source of sustainability stories, as told by our people, the strongest of which we publish unedited under the heading of “Aurecon Unplugged: Our People Tell All” on the sustainability section of our website and share across our social media platforms.

Aurecon continues to use Yammer internally with great results. There are lively discussion forums, including dedicated sustainability and resilience groups. These groups explore ways in which we can enhance Aurecon’s internal footprint and maximise the social and environmental performance of our projects.

FY16 saw us conduct one on one interviews with clients from sectors as diverse as property, mining and construction. From these in-depth conversations, we gained a better understanding of the sustainability challenges our clients face and the opportunities they see. During FY17, we continued to work closely with our clients to foster sustainability in their business and ours and were honoured to host several clients at Aurecon for sustainability related presentations and workshops.

Here’s some of what our clients shared:

What Aurecon's clients had to say about sustainability in FY16

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How Aurecon engaged stakeholders on sustainability

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Our professional associations 

External initiatives

Membership of associations

Sustainability across the supply chain 

Aurecon’s procurement consists of primarily sub-consultants and large corporate vendors. 

Using a centralised Vendor Management System (VMS), Aurecon rates vendors on a wide range of criteria that includes performance and certification. The VMS is operational across most geographies. The system is currently undergoing major enhancements – with the first pilots expected to be operational at the end of 2017. We plan to include all regions in future. 

Before deploying sub-consultants on projects, Aurecon determines and approves their Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance status. In some of our geographies, we required detailed due diligence questionnaires as part of the vendor registration process. We use a reputable on-line tool to ascertain whether potential vendors were exposed to negative news, are politically exposed or have in any other way acted in ways that might compromise Aurecon’s Code of Conduct and Ethics. Aurecon documents all processes within the VMS in a vendor management procedure. In-house and external quality auditors audited the procedure for compliance. 

Aurecon also manages aspects such as water, energy and waste, and regularly collaborates with landlords to identify areas for improvements. Leading us to identify our landlords as a specific vendor group.

In South Africa, Aurecon complies with specific procurement requirements to support the transformation of our economy and society. 

Stakeholders and materiality

Presenting stakeholder feedback to Aurecon’s Chief Risk Officer and the Head of Quality, Environment & Sustainability, the reporting team facilitated discussions from which we developed a comprehensive list of the sustainability aspects that matter most to Aurecon’s stakeholders or need further investigation. Topics included: 

  • Aspects posing future challenges in the industry
  • Aspects impacted by legislation in the countries in which Aurecon operates
  • Aspects of potential value to Aurecon and its shareholders and stakeholders
  • Specific areas of sustainability Aurecon could use its expertise to address

Sustainability aspects that matter most to Aurecon’s stakeholders or need further investigation

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