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Aurecon becomes the first consultancy to achieve 50 Green Star ratings in South Africa

Aurecon’s ESD team performed the role of green building consultant on over 50 Green Star-rated buildings.

Aurecon’s ESD team performed the role of green building consultant on over 50 Green Star-rated buildings

18 January 2018 - The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) confirmed that global engineering and infrastructure advisory company Aurecon was the first company to have 50 Green Star-rated buildings certified in South Africa. Aurecon fulfilled the role of green building consultant on these projects.

 Executive Director for Certifications of the GBCSA, Manfred Braune, says the full gamut of Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) and related engineering solutions that Aurecon has provided for these buildings will continue to have a widespread impact on sustainable strategies of clients and South Africa as a whole.

“Aurecon has been a leader in terms of delivering successful Green Star certifications, as well as collaborating with the GBCSA on the development of various rating tools, and guiding property developers, clients and other professionals in the built environment towards a greener future. I am proud to be able to confirm today that they are the first engineering consultancy in South Africa to have been responsible for 50 Green Star certifications,” says Braune.

Not only does Aurecon offer ESD solutions for clients, but the company’s green credentials also extend to its offices. Aurecon’s Tshwane office at the Lynnwood Bridge Office Park was the first office building in Tshwane to receive a Green Star rating, and it was also the company’s first Green Star-rated building project in South Africa. The Lynnwood Bridge Office was officially opened in 2011 and the team’s skills and capabilities have continued to evolve ever since. Aurecon’s office in Cape Town opened in August 2011 and delivered the country’s first 5-star rating.

“Achieving Green Star ratings for our own buildings show that we walk the talk, and that we have a culture committed to innovative thinking and making a difference. We also feel privileged to have been involved with so many projects with like-minded clients,” says Aurecon’s Technical Director ‒ Buildings, Martin Smith.

“Aurecon’s ESD team was established in 2011 and since then we have worked on various projects undertaken by developers who aspire, like ourselves, to transform the industry. We are continually learning and co-creating sustainable solutions for the greater benefit of all. All team members are Green Star Accredited Professionals and many are also pursuing niche degrees and diplomas in the field of sustainable design, engineering and real estate,” says Aurecon Associate, Yovka Raytcheva-Schaap.

Green design has now become a standard among tenants and property developers and it is changing the way engineers design buildings, as well as the way that clients approach projects.

“Aurecon’s engineers design according to green building standards because it has become best practice within the sector. Green Star rated buildings are no longer rare and tenants have come to expect the buildings they lease to be energy efficient and sustainable. We have gone from promoting the importance of green building to our clients, to being brought in to share our expertise during the concept phase of projects, which is testament of how the industry has changed over the past six years,” says Raytcheva-Schaap.

“In celebrating this achievement, we reflect on work done since the beginning of the team’s journey and, at the same time, we are excited about the future opportunities to innovate, to expand our knowledge and to be part of this dynamic industry,” adds Smith.

John McGuire, Aurecon Managing Director, Built Environment, says the Aurecon team can be justly proud of the announcement by the GBCSA. But it wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration that has taken place between Aurecon’s various business units, their clients, and the array of architects, designers, quantity surveyors and contractors that have been involved in achieving Green Star SA certification of these 50 buildings.

“Aurecon has worked on some of the most complex buildings in the country and each time a building receives a Green Star Certification, I’m in awe of the problem-solving skills and solutions that were employed. Congratulations to all of the progressive thinkers and co-creators who have helped us certify 50 Green Star-rated buildings. We are proud of our innovative work which has resulted in environmental sustainability being top of the agenda in property development in South Africa,” concludes McGuire.

Upon publication, the GBCSA confirmed that Aurecon had achieved 52 Green Star ratings in total.


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