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Aurecon bags prestigious Excellence Awards

Aurecon bags prestigious Excellence Awards

SF van der Linde Client Director – Property, Africa, and Portia Derby, Senior Regional Director – Gauteng, proudly present Aurecon’s Excellence Awards.

11 May 2017 - For the fourth consecutive year, global engineering and infrastructure advisory firm Aurecon has been recognised for its achievements in several categories at the Excellence Awards.

Professional Market Research (PMR), a leading South African management journal, recently conducted its annual, national consulting engineers survey. This year Aurecon garnered a Diamond Arrow Award – the highest rating – for three categories, including Electrical Consulting Engineers, Mechanical Consulting Engineers, and Combined Electrical and Mechanical Consulting Engineers for firms with over 400 employees.

The awards ceremony was held on Monday, 8 May, at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton. The company also received three Golden Arrow Awards, which indicates that Aurecon was 1st or 2nd overall and rated at least 3.75 (excellent) out of 5 by respondents.

The Golden Arrow Awards were in recognition of Aurecon’s excellence within the following categories: Civil Consulting Engineers, Structural Consulting Engineers and Combined Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers.

The survey entailed interviews being carried out telephonically by the journal with 140 associated key decision-makers/professionals from the construction industry, including contractors, developers, architects and quantity surveyors, and sees consulting engineers rated across a range of 14 attributes, including:

The Excellence Awards are highly recognised within the industry as both a measure of reputation and acknowledgement in the market for technical excellence and brand awareness.

Historically, Aurecon has excelled at these awards time and again. “As a firm, we aspire to being an inspiration for Africa. We are ecstatic about this recognition as it reflects the positive impact Aurecon is having on our peers, partners and clients across Africa. We value our clients’ feedback highly and will continue to use this valuable input as building blocks to even further enhance and improve our services,” says Ferdi Nell, Aurecon’s Managing Director, Africa.

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