Aurecon Industry Awards: Celebrate Diverse Thinking


Award winning innovation from diverse thinking

Aurecon Awards 2017

Aurecon Industry Awards 2017

19 June 2017 – When diversity of thought collides with the expertise of transdisciplinary teams from different backgrounds, we often see ground breaking innovations.

Our Aurecon Industry Awards 2017 brochure celebrates diverse thinking through award winning innovation.

The creative inspiration for the design of the awards brochure was the exploration of the connection between diverse thinking and award-winning innovation. The explosion of bright colours used in the design reflects the kaleidoscope of rich and colourful perspectives we bring to the work we do. We see diverse thinking and innovation as closely linked, a concept that reveals itself by a deeper look at the awards site; featuring client solutions every bit as diverse as the people and thinking behind them.

“Diversity of thought is the fuel for value creation. An explosion of ideas that push the boundaries to see the world differently,” Dr Kourosh Kayvani, Global Director, Excellence and Expertise, said.  

Diverse thinking creates power through the collective mind, unlocks innovation and creates value, and  delivers award winning innovation and design. 

“Showcasing our awards plays an important role in celebrating the achievements of our talented teams, and demonstrating the impact of our deep expertise combined with creative thinking leading to unique solutions to our clients’ challenges. Congratulations to everyone involved,” Dr Kayvani added.

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