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Shifting the focus from illness to wellness

Shifting Health by Design

Shifting Health by Design

16 May 2016 - Just imagine if our healthcare system followed ‘Doctor’s orders’ and took a ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach. Just imagine caring for people away from hospitals instead of in them. Just imagine a future health journey with the consumer in the centre.

Aurecon is working with health leaders to help improve the design of healthcare and the infrastructure that supports it.

In line with this, the Shifting Health by Design symposium, pioneered by Health City – Springfield Central and facilitated by Aurecon, will be the first in a series of forums which explore the possibility of a better healthcare system.

“Shifting Health by Design presents a rare opportunity to explore and help create a shift in health; a shift from what we have today to a possible better healthcare system in the future,” says Susie Pearn, Global Health Expertise Leader, Aurecon, who will moderate the Symposium.

The symposium will be a platform for fresh thinking and draws together some of the keenest medical and health administration in the country, including:

  • Liz MacLeod, former Executive Director Commissioning of Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Professor Michael Ward, University of Queensland
  • Lynda O’Grady, Chair of the Aged Care Financing Authority

Aurecon’s Global Director, Design to Innovate, Maureen Thurston and Chief Innovation Officer, John McGuire will co-facilitate sessions titled: The future journey with the senior consumer in the centre; Integrated Research, Education and Clinical Services; and Value for Money Public & Private Healthcare.

Participants will co-create suggested explorations to undertake in Health City – Springfield Central, towards achieving the possibility of a better health system.

Ideally these explorations will ultimately form the basis of longitudinal studies, from which learnings can be derived and shared in future forums.

“In order to arrive at a roadmap for a better future in healthcare, it’s necessary to decide what we want that future to look like. This symposium will be a key step in unlocking that vision”, says Pearn.

“Creating new value for our clients by helping them envisage and shape a better future is our strategic intent. Working with Springfield Land Corporation, Mater Health Services and Aveo at this symposium, we will focus on creating outputs that collectively will begin to shift health by design,” Pearn added.


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