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Bringing ‘big dreams’ to life in the Middle East and Asia

Ermis Marques (L) and Paul Lombard (R)

Ermis Marques (L) and Paul Lombard (R)

14 July 2016 - For the past four decades, global engineering and infrastructure advisory company Aurecon has played a key role in partnering with visionary developers in the Middle East and Asia to bring their boldest and bravest ideas to life. To support this vision, the company recently announced the deployment of two of its most talented managers to these regions.

The Middle East and Asia have both been called places of ‘big dreams’. The Middle East is home to some of the world’s biggest malls and tallest towers, whilst Asia’s skyline boasts the Eiffel Tower replica in Macau, a half scale replica of its famed 19th century counterpart in Paris as well as the Shanghai Tower. Infrastructure development, particularly in road and rail systems, has been equally fast-faced and demanding, requiring bespoke solutions that combines the best of global expertise and local knowledge.

To carry their weight, projects of this caliber require not only flawless design input, but also a sound, resilient leadership structure.

Aurecon has invested significant thought in how best to partner with its clients in these regions and has taken a decision to group its Middle East and Asia operations under the leadership of a single Managing Director for the Middle East and Asia. A registered professional engineer with over 30 years of experience in infrastructure planning, financing and economics, management consulting and restructuring of entities, Dr Paul Lombard will fulfill this strategic role with effect from 1 July 2016.

He will be supported by the Regional Director for the Middle East, Ermis Marques. Ermis also brings to the table 30 years of local and international experience in the built environment space, with particular emphasis on leading, planning and delivery of large-scale multi-disciplinary civil, building, industrial and land development projects.

These two appointments are a key embodiment of Aurecon’s belief that although the professional services environment faces widespread disruption, strong and visionary leadership will position the company and its clients for innovation in a constantly shifting business landscape. 

Putting the impossible to flight

“The seismic changes set to influence our future are opportunities for those who respond first to build business advantage. Together with our clients, Aurecon will seek out opportunities to harness the synergy of technology, design thinking and engineering expertise to put the impossible to flight,” says Paul.

He adds: “Our teams in the Middle East and Asia are some of the most talented globally. Words such as ‘biggest’; ‘tallest’; and ‘most complex’ don’t put us off. On the contrary, they excite us!”

Business based on trust 

Based in the Middle East, Ermis believes that inspirational projects are based on the fundamental elements of client relationships built around trust. 

“Our clients know that they can trust us to seek out ways of adding value to their business. We don’t only solve the problems they entrust us with – we seek out hidden challenges and assumptions in order to ensure our solutions address those as well.  A good example of this approach is our work on the Madinat Jumeirah Resort in Dubai where we are currently undertaking the fourth development phase for the same client who commissioned the first phase to us 15 years ago.”

Getting Asia future ready

Based in Singapore, Paul reiterates the importance of going beyond quality and innovative designs.  

“Our Asian clients operate in a complex environment where its infrastructure will continue to face inexorable pressure from rapid urbanisation; and in some countries like Singapore, and Japan, this is exacerbated by an ageing demographic. I believe that by helping our clients to solve their most pressing challenges and become future ready within this challenging context, we can create new value for them.”

Paul concludes: “Aurecon believes that these two regions will continue to experience exciting continued investment in economic, social and infrastructure development. Aurecon is committed to bringing our clients’ biggest dreams to life here.”

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