2016 Aurecon awards


Aurecon’s 2016 Industry Awards brochure site invites you to look closer

Aurecon awards 2016

26 July 2016 – Throughout 2015, our people, projects and organisation have won multiple awards. We invite you to look closer as you explore our awards site.

The creative inspiration for the design of the awards brochure site was seeds and came from Seeds: Time Capsules of Life by Rob Kesseler and Wolfgang Stuppy. This book reveals a hidden world beyond the scope of the human eye. Using an electron microscope to photograph seeds spluttered with a fine coating of gold, the authors reveal the fascinating anatomy of the seed and how each travels through time and space until it reaches the right place at the right moment to create a new plant.

“The seeds of bringing ideas to life live in our imagination. Imagination empowers us to dream, to see what might be, rather than what is,” Dr Kourosh Kayvani, Global Director, Excellence and Expertise, said.  

“Sharing the awards, received by Aurecon, our clients and project partners from respected industry associations,  plays an important role in celebrating the achievements of our talented teams and the work they do in helping bring ideas to life for our clients and within Aurecon.

The awards are exemplary of our purpose to make a difference and design a better future for all.

To be recognised for our excellence and expertise in unlocking new value for our clients is very rewarding. Congratulations to everyone involved.” Dr Kayvani said.

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