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Aurecon proud to be part of CSIRO’s Chairman’s Medal winning project, ASKAP

Aurecon client and Director of ASKAP Antony Schinckel with the Chairman

ASKAP Director Antony Schinckel with the Chairman's Medal

30 October 2015 - The CSIRO Awards programme celebrates the achievements of CSIRO staff and focuses on honouring teams and individuals that have made significant impact on CSIRO’s delivery of science to Australia. In particular, they recognise achievements of innovative solutions to industry, society and the environment.  

This year, the Chairman’s Medal, CSIRO’s highest award, was awarded to the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) project’s Phased Array Feed Receivers for Radio Astronomy. The Chairman’s Medal recognises exceptional research teams who have made significant scientific or technological advances of national, international and/or commercial importance. Aurecon’s role on the project was as Lead Consultant and Superintendent during infrastructure construction.   

CSIRO Judges commented that the award win was for “revolutionising astronomy by developing a spectacular new capability for observing wide areas of sky using the world’s first widefield imaging receivers for radio astronomy on the antennas of the ASKAP radio telescope.”

William Cox, Aurecon Managing Director – ANZ, attended the awards luncheon held on 28 October, on the invitation of Aurecon client, and Director of ASKAP, Antony Schinckel. “It was a privilege to be invited and to be part of celebrating this fantastic award win. In his acceptance of the award, Antony Schinckel specifically named and thanked Aurecon as their industry partner for the last 13 years in developing this world class radio astronomy facility.”

William continues “Aurecon is extremely proud to have worked side by side with our client to find industry leading solutions over many years. We could not be happier for Antony and his team.” 

This collaboration with CSIRO continues our relationship that has been enduring for nearly 50 years commencing with our involvement with the Parkes Radio Telescope, then the Compact Array Telescope at Paul Wild Observatory near Narrabri and the Siding Spring Observatory at Coonabarabran in North West New South Wales.


The ASKAP is a next-generation radio telescope developed by CSIRO in Western Australia at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO). The MRO is approximately 315 km north east of Geraldton.

The ASKAP telescope includes 36 x 12m dish antennas, a central compound containing a control building (a Tier 3 data centre equivalent) and associated services infrastructure, a network of access tracks, and trenching to carry power and optical fibre data cable.

The Aurecon team has devised industry leading solutions to problems such as the following:

  • modular building design concept and shielding details to the meet the stringent radio frequency interference (RFI) requirements;
  • energy efficient hybrid cooling system utilising geothermal boreholes;
  • power design for antennas and power station to meet RFI requirements;
  • antenna foundation design and optimisation, and;
  • extensive safety in design considerations due to the remote location.

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