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Phase IIB of Mizingani Sea Wall project launches

Aurecon at the launch of Phase IIB of the Mizingani Sea Wall and associated promenade

The launch of Phase IIB

27 May 2015 - The Zanzibar Urban Services Project (ZUSP) is a five year initiative financed through the International Development Association (IDA). 

On successful completion of Phase IIA in early 2014, Aurecon, in collaboration with sub consultants, was appointed for Phase IIB to provide engineering consultancy services such as full time site supervision, construction and project management and engineering design during the construction of the Mizingani Sea Wall and associated promenade.  The Mizingani Sea wall project forms part of the Zanzibar Urban Services Project (ZUSP).  Phase IIB was officially launched in April 2015 by the Regional Commissioner for Zanzibar Urban West, Mr Abdallah Mwinyi.

Zanzibar’s tourism industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and as a result, hospitality and tourism has become the top income generator for the island, outpacing even the lucrative agricultural export industry.

“Forming part of the Stone Town Historic Conservation Plan, the ZUSP and the Stone Town Conservation and Development Authority (STCDA) aims to develop and upgrade selected urban infrastructure within the Zanzibar Municipal Council, and to enhance the physical environment at public locations within Stone Town – one such project is the construction of the Mizingani seawall and associated promenade within Stone Town,” explains Pieter van Heerden, Project Manager.

In 2009, as mandated by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC), Aurecon was part of the team that completed the rehabilitation of the Forodhani Park and the adjacent seawall. The successful delivery of this Phase I rehabilitation project saw Aurecon reappointed on Phase II of the Mizingani project, which focuses on the rehabilitation of the remaining sea wall face of Stone Town along Mizingani Road, from the Ferry Terminal up to Forodhani Park.  This stretch of road is sometimes referred to as the gate way into Zanzibar, boasting with some of the oldest buildings in Stone Town and declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

“The Aurecon-led team will provide a range of engineering services for the construction of 340 running meters of vertical seawall, with a five meter-wide reclamation extended out of its existing boundaries; refurbishment of underground infrastructure (including potable water, sewer, storm water drainage, electrical and telecommunication lines); rehabilitation and resurfacing of the existing Mizingani road; introduction of traffic calming measures and the creation of a pedestrian promenade, including landscaping, street lighting and street furniture,” says van Heerden.

He goes on to say, while this is a once in a life time type project,  Aurecon has undertaken various other high profile projects in many other emerging regions and this experience serves to further strengthen Aurecon's reputation for client service excellence, while simultaneously taking part in the continued conservation efforts in Zanzibar and enhancing Tanzania's growing tourism sector.

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