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22 May 2015 - In the context of reinvigorating Australian manufacturing, innovation is about understanding meaning.

To create strong and vibrant businesses going forward, manufacturers will need to seek an understanding of why consumers want something before designing the product or service to deliver the desired experience. Innovation needs to be customer driven with design following meaning.

Tim Plenderleith, Aurecon’s ANZ Industry Leader for manufacturing, will be presenting at National Manufacturing Week, which runs from 26-29 May 2015.

Tim’s presentation – Is the steady decline of the Australian manufacturing sector inevitable and irreversible? – will focus on strategies that could unlock the innovation needed to reshape Australia’s manufacturing sector.

“Unlocking innovation in Australian manufacturing will require manufacturers to look at their world through a different lens – to question and reframe the ‘way things are done’ – to determine what is off the agenda. For example, if closure is off the agenda, that substantially alters perspectives and provides a platform to find new ways of ‘doing business’. It’s about finding the ‘meaning’ in manufacturing,” Tim says.

From large multinationals to niche businesses, manufacturers share a focus to increase profitability by staying agile, managing risks, and maximising value. At Aurecon, we understand this and our approach acknowledges that different sectors and different territories do things differently for good reasons. Enriching and inspiring, these insights infuse everything we do, no matter where we operate.

Is the steady decline of the Australian manufacturing sector inevitable and irreversible?

Presented by: Tim Plenderleith
Date: Wednesday 27 May, 15:20–16:00

To learn more about the conference, please visit the conference website.

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