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Food safety in manufacturing

John McGuire

John McGuire, Industry Director

30 March 2015 - In the future food safety will depend, in part, on the level of trust between food manufacturers and the consumer.

Increasingly consumers will need to look inside the facility, and along the supply chain. Future food safety success will flow from transparent, technologically enabled facilities and supply chains.

John McGuire, Aurecon’s global Industry Director for manufacturing, will present the international address at the 2015 Food Safety & Processing Summit.

John’s presentation will focus on the three imperatives to success in the next decade: quality of product, food safety and facility technology.

“Safe food means healthy people. In a world where consumers expect out of season food choices all year round, supply chains are becoming longer. Risks to food safety and food manufacturers inherently become greater. At the same time social media is the new source of truth. To be successful in this complex environment, manufacturers will need to open up their processes and supply chains for consumer transparency, leveraging technology, like never before,” John says.

From large multinationals to niche businesses, manufacturers share a focus to increase profitability by staying agile, managing risks, and maximising value. At Aurecon, we understand this and our approach acknowledges that different sectors and different territories do things differently for good reasons. Enriching and inspiring, these insights infuse everything we do, no matter where we operate.

Aurecon has been internationally recognised by the Institution of Chemical Engineers, Clandeboye Lactose Evaporator Project and Dominion Salt Vacuum Plant Upgrade Project, for innovation to optimise manufacturing operations, and contribution to safe, nutritious and affordable food to an international market.

The Food Safety & Processing Summit is New Zealand’s leading food safety event. The 2015 event will include the latest compliance information, case studies and best practices. It will take place at the Stamford Plaza, Auckland, from 31 March to 1 April 2015.

International address: Quality of product, food safety and facility technology: the three imperatives to success in the next decade

John McGuire
Industry Director, Manufacturing
Wednesday 1 April, 10:25–11:05

To learn more about the conference, please visit the conference website.

To find out more about our expertise in manufacturing come and visit our booth at the summit.


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