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Carbon neutral Aurecon RSA board meeting

Aurecon RSA carbon neutral board meeting

26 June 2015 - Tembisa school benefits from Aurecon South Africa’s carbon neutral board meeting.

Aurecon is a pioneer in the development of green building technology and the creation of sustainable environments. The board meeting of the South African company, held on 24 June 2015 at its Tshwane office, was rendered carbon neutral by the planting of 50 trees at the Inxiweni Primary School in Tembisa after the meeting. Aurecon works with a variety of schools in previously disadvantaged communities and identified this particular school as the ideal candidate for this tree planting opportunity.

“Aurecon is growing its business in sustainable development. Besides helping our clients achieve Green Star ratings, energy efficient developments and sustainable projects that will benefit future generations, we are also committed to positively contributing to the communities in which we operate. It is for this reason that we chose the Inxiweni Primary School as the beneficiary of 50 trees to help us offset the environmental impact of today’s board meeting,” says Albert Geldenhuys, Managing Director of Aurecon South Africa.

Teachers and students from the school attended the tree planting ceremony, together with members of the Tembisa community and Aurecon South Africa’s Board of Directors. The event formed part of Aurecon’s corporate social investment programme, Aurecon Cares, and demonstrates that the programme sees sustainable communities and environmental sustainability as intrinsically aligned.

Charlotte Mpenyana, Aurecon Quality, Environment & Sustainability Regional Manager Africa and Middle East, explains that a carbon neutral event is one in which the event’s carbon footprint is measured and its impact neutralised through the purchase of carbon offsets or through activities that mitigate the negative impact of the event’s equivalent carbon emissions. Planting trees is an effective way to draw excess carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. The trees will also reduce air pollution and offer aesthetic benefits to the local community.  Aurecon will be planting indigenous Combretum Erythrophyllum trees, which are resilient towards frost and draught.

“Aurecon used the DEFRA (Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) greenhouse gas conversion factors for Scope 3 emissions, which includes calculating the equivalent CO2 transportation emissions of meeting attendees, to determine how many trees need to be planted in order to offset the carbon  emissions produced by the meeting,” says  Mpenyana.

Thanking the Inxiweni Primary School for participating in the event, Geldenhuys said,  “By supporting this carbon emission offset project, the school is considered a champion of Aurecon’s vision of being a Leading. Vibrant. Global. company. We commend you for your help to benefit the environment and reduce the threat of climate change.”

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