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Aurecon shaping the future of Dubai roads and transport

Dubai roads

29 June 2015 - Many roads in Dubai are heavily congested, leading to long delays for commuters. In November 2005, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) was formed in order to execute strategic plans for Dubai’s traffic projects, including the construction of the Dubai Metro and other integrated road systems.

Aurecon was appointed by the RTA in March 2015 to upgrade the corridors of Tripoli Road and Algeria Road. This is the third large-scale transport project that has been awarded to Aurecon by the RTA in the past six months.

“Aurecon’s knowledge of local conditions, business drivers, our relevant technical experience, as well as our ability to demonstrate innovative business thinking that leads to value, has helped us forge a mutually beneficial working relationship with the RTA. Aurecon is proud to be able to continue delivering world-class transport solutions for Dubai,” says Ahmed El-Essnawi, Aurecon’s Highways and Transport Infrastructure Leader for the Middle East and North Africa.

The current corridors of Tripoli and Algeria Roads face heavy traffic during peak hours, which is causing many junctions along the road to fail, with consequential long delays for commuters in the neighbouring communities. The extension of Tripoli Road and the upgrade of Algeria Road commenced in April 2015. Aurecon will be delivering traffic, civil, geotechnical and infrastructure, as well as roads and highway services for the project.

The brief from the RTA is to create engineering solutions that enhance the level of service on the roads, while accommodating existing demands and future development in adjacent areas.

“Traffic studies and an understanding of local urban development planning are helping us design the upgrading of the roads to be executed in two phases. This solution will enable the upgrading to continue serving the people of Dubai until 2030 and beyond,” says El-Essnawi.

The two key challenges that Aurecon faces with regard to this project are tight deadlines and maintaining road accessibility throughout the upgrades and extension.

“Our design team is aiming to come up with innovative solutions to deliver the final product within strict timeframes,” he explains. “There are many intersections and interchanges on these roads, so we are working on a unique plan to enable workable traffic diversions and temporary roads to maintain accessibility during the upgrading work.”

Other projects that Aurecon is currently undertaking for the RTA include roads in Nad Al Shiba and roads in Al Khawneej. In total, Aurecon has, to date, been appointed to help plan, design and supervise the construction of approximately 140 km of roads in Dubai.

“With a comprehensive understanding of transport industry standards, systems and practices, Aurecon is able to offer a full suite of services to clients in Dubai. We look forward to contributing to the ongoing success of transport projects in this region,” adds El-Essnawi.

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