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Creativity and innovation crucial to regional Australia’s prosperity

Matt Coetzee

Matt Coetzee

17 July 2015 - Matt Coetzee, Aurecon’s Australia and New Zealand Offices Manager, discusses the must-haves for regional agribusiness development at the 2015 Developing Northern Australia Conference to be held in Townsville, Northern Queensland 20-22 July 2015.

With the age of Australia’s once booming resources sector supporting the country’s regional and national economies now over, Matt, who is also the global engineering firm’s Urbanisation Expertise Leader, contends that agribusiness is now the most likely industry to underpin Australia’s future prosperity. 

In order for agribusiness to thrive, Matt believes that there must be an unwavering commitment to meeting the changing demands of Australia’s potential agricultural clients, underpinned by a deep trusting relationship, and the important role of transparent supply networks in allowing those customers to “look inside” supply chains and thereby develop that trust. 

“There is little doubt that Australia stands on the precipice of an amazing boom in demand for our agricultural products, particularly our premium products, which can be sold into increasingly sophisticated international markets," says Matt.

"However, we have to appreciate that with that more sophisticated palate, comes a need from these clients to trust that we will deliver high quality, safe agricultural products regularly and reliably.”

With over 25 years of experience providing economic, social and environmental development expertise to local, regional and national governments and to the private sector across Australia and abroad, Matt understands the need for local markets to prepare for and face the challenges of a lucrative and growing market, but one which is also demanding and highly dynamic.

Matt adds: “There is little doubt that meeting the needs of these lucrative markets requires an innovative approach, underpinned by multi-disciplinary solutions. We need to recognise the contributions that can be made by a multitude of disciplines from economics, logistics, infrastructure design, governance and organisation psychology, agriculture, planning and many more. There is no doubt that leveraging this once in a generation opportunity will require us to be “ambidextrous” in our approach to the challenge.”

Matt will join a distinguished program of presenters and keynote speakers from across Australia’s business community. The annual conference will explore a variety of themes focused on redefining regional Australia’s future economically, socially and sustainably.

The Three Imperatives for Successful Regional Agribusiness Development in the Next Decade: Satisfying New Customer Needs, Innovative Infrastructure Planning and Logistics Optimisation

Date: Tuesday 21 July 2015
Time: 2PM
Venue: Rydges Southbank, Townsville

For more information about the conference please visit


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