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Aurecon to dominate the podium at ASCP conference

Australian Society for Concrete Pavements, ASCP

Domestic Southern Apron Project, Brisbane Airport

09 July 2015 - Aurecon pavement experts will share clever thinking in pavement design at the upcoming Australian Society for Concrete Pavements (ASCP) conference happening in Sydney on 20 – 21 July 2015.

With a main focus on design, construction and the quality of concrete pavements, Aurecon will join other industry specialists to discuss pavement support aspects, earthworks, drainage and soft soil issues, among other topics.

Aurecon is a gold sponsor of the conference and will have a strong presence at the podium with six speakers, with expertise in concrete pavements across roads and ports, presenting at the two day event.

“We are proud to be involved in a conference that allows us to share ideas and fuel improvement to our industry; it gives us opportunity to continually improve. We have a strong contingent of presenters that will be offering in depth knowledge around complex topics”, said Jon Hind, Expertise Leader for Roads and Highways.

Aurecon Associate for Transport Services, Eduardo Alcazar Linares, who will be presenting on pavement design methodologies said, “Pavement design is evolving. We are seeing advances in our methodologies and how we apply them to Infrastructure projects in Australia, and around the world”.

The Australian Society for Concrete Pavements (ASCP) is an Australian not-for-profit organisation which facilitates improvement in the design, construction and quality of concrete pavements through education, technology transfer and research.

  • A Designer’s Perspective on Unplanned Shrinkage Cracking in Plain Concrete Pavements
    John Figueroa: Technical Director, Aurecon
    Monday 20 July, 1.30pm

  • Pavement Design Methodologies for Port and External Heavy Duty Pavements
    Eduardo Alcazar Linares: Associate Transport Services, Aurecon
    Monday 20 July, 1.30pm, Stream A2

  • Geopolymer & High Flyash Concrete for Pavements
    Marita Berndt: Associate Transport Services, Aurecon
    Gavin Chadbourn: Asset Management Coordinator, Aurecon
    Monday 20 July, 11.25am, Stream B1, Stream A2

  • A Study of Ground Performance for Rigid Pavement Design: Pacific Highway Upgrade across
    Doru Bobei: Associate Transport Services, Aurecon
    Ali Alsalmi: Civil Engineer, Aurecon
    Tuesday 21, July 1.55pm, Stream C

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