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Aurecon’s 2015 Bridge Building Competition kicks off in August

2014 Aurecon Bridge Building Competition Champions: Kavina College, Victoria, Australia

2014 Champions: Kaniva College, Victoria, Australia

04 August 2015 - Over 240 teams from secondary schools across Australia and New Zealand will put their model bridge designs to the test at Aurecon’s highly anticipated and much adored annual Bridge Building Competition during August.

In teams of three, students have designed bridges using balsa wood, string, glue and cardboard, which will be load tested to determine the strongest bridge. Bridge experts from Aurecon will assess each bridge for workmanship, creativity and visual appeal, which will determine an overall score.

Last year’s overall winning bridge withstood an unrivalled 169.1 kgs and was designed by students from Kaniva Collegein Victoria.

Over 1 500 Year 8 and 9 students (Years 9 and 10 in NZ) from schools located across Australia and New Zealand are participating in the competition at 11 separate locations during August.

Aurecon runs this event to promote engineering as a career to students of all backgrounds and to encourage students to take up science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects at school, which are critical to undertaking an engineering degree.

Bill Cox, Aurecon’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, said: “The Aurecon Bridge Building Competition aims to share insights into engineering as a career path in a challenging and exciting environment.

It’s fantastic to see bright young minds put their innovative thinking to the test on competition day in a creative, team-oriented environment enjoyed by competitors and spectators alike.”

Want to know where the competition is happening near you? Check out the details below:

  • Christchurch - Tuesday 4 August
  • Perth - Wednesday 5 August
  • Brisbane - Wednesday 5 August
  • Adelaide - Thursday 6 August
  • Mackay - Thursday, 6 August
  • Gladstone - Friday 7 August
  • Auckland - Friday 7 August
  • Sydney - Tuesday 11 August
  • Wellington - Wednesday 12 August
  • Melbourne - Thursday 13 August
  • Northern Territory - Friday 21 August

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