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Aurecon leading sustainability practices recognised

CitySwitch awards function 2015

CitySwitch awards function

04 December 2015 - Aurecon was the recipient of two sustainability awards from CitySwitch on 24 November 2015. It won the CitySwitch NSW Signatory of the Year and was highly commended in the CitySwitch National Signatory of the Year award category.

Aurecon is a signatory of CitySwitch in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide, which is a growing partnership between businesses and governments working together to make a positive impact on climate change.

CitySwitch was established with the realisation that cities can be powerful agents for change. Cities may cover just two per cent of the earth’s surface but they house over half the world’s population and generate between 75% and 80% of the world’s greenhouse emissions.

“The journey to these awards started in 2011, when Aurecon’s Sydney office received a 2 star NABERS tenancy rating for our Sydney premises. When the decision was taken some time after to refurbish the office, our design team was requested to focus on sustainability, workplace health and wellbeing,” said Hanna Cardeira, Aurecon’s Quality, Environment and Sustainability Manager for NSW/ACT.

In combination with the refurbishment that included LED lighting upgrades, installing controls around the office and IT upgrades, the Sydney office established a range of sustainability behaviour change initiatives to engage employees. This involved the establishment of local work place behaviours, effective communication of results and achievements, awareness campaigns, encouragement to use the new software and introduction or strengthening of initiatives to encourage reuse or recycling of e-waste, stationery and batteries. As an example, 1870kg or 74% of all e-waste was sold on and reused.

These initiatives have reduced emissions by 35%, cut associated costs by 45% and increased the NABERS rating to 5 stars.

Sydney Delivery Centre Manager, Charles Milazzo, said: “I am personally very proud of the work this team has done over the last four years to realise these awards.”

The CitySwitch awards judges were particularly impressed that Aurecon’s top-down and bottom-up behavioural and culture change programs achieved such significant results and congratulated Aurecon for its proactive stakeholder engagement.

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