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Aurecon Cares supports maths and science development

MSLA Awards Ceremony 2015

MSLA Awards Ceremony

08 December 2015 - Aurecon Cares recently donated five touch screen tablets to the top performing learners at the annual awards ceremony of the Maths and Science Leadership Academy (MSLA) in Kimberley.

The annual awards are used to celebrate the achievements of the Academy’s learners who have excelled academically throughout the year. It is also the ideal opportunity to incentivise and motivate learners to continue to work hard.

The MSLA was established in Kimberley in 2006, to provide talented learners from impoverished backgrounds with an opportunity to achieve their potential in the gateway subjects of maths and science. MSLA facilitates ongoing support for Grade 9-12 learners in these subjects through a series of afternoon classes and holiday academies. Throughout 2015, MSLA assisted over 300 learners with a variety of opportunities that enabled them to develop their skills and understanding of these important subjects.

In addition to maths and science tuition, an emphasis is also placed on the development of their English proficiency and learners are also taught leadership and problem-solving skills, which builds their self-confidence.

Aurecon’s Kimberley Office Manager, Clive Arries, who attended the awards and presented the prizes to the learners says, “Aurecon is proud to be a sponsor of the MSLA Awards and views continued investment in education as a priority. By supporting successful programmes such as MSLA, Aurecon intends to nurture maths and science competencies among the youth as the development of these subjects is paramount to the success of the country and its economy.”


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