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Aurecon’s Ralph Belperio contributes to Stadium and Arena Design book

Ralph Belperio

Technical Director, Ralph Belperio

07 August 2015 - Aurecon’s Technical Director, Ralph Belperio, contributed a chapter to the second edition of Stadium and Arena Design by ICE Publishing.

The book recognises the importance of the multidisciplinary approach required to design, build and run modern, international stadia and brings together a broad range of knowledge from specialists in various key areas of stadium and arena design. Belperio’s chapter, titled Concrete technology in stadia development, focuses on a range of topics relating to concrete technology in stadia development, including site considerations, concrete durability, as well as shrinkage and creep challenges.

The book was published in June 2015. Built environment professionals in the field, as well as researchers and students, will find this practical, up-to-date information and guidance in the book particularly relevant.

"Concrete can be used in a myriad ways for modern stadia. In its simplest form, passively reinforced concrete can be used for most structural applications that may be encountered in stadium construction. With maturity of the local markets, more sophisticated forms of concrete construction are possible," says Belperio.

"The chapter on concrete technology in stadia development is particularly relevant to professionals as well as clients who are interested in building iconic, mixed-use stadia. I’ve included the latest information on how designing for dynamics is critical in the performance of modern-day stadia; designing for seismicity variations in different locations around the world, and how the sculptural forms of concrete can be exploited by stadium designers," says Belperio.

Aurecon is renowned for its world-leading sports stadium design. Some of the engineering consultancy’s projects include

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